LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Up next in our official strain review series we have LA Kush Cake by Seed Junky Genetics

This strain combines Kush Mints X Wedding Cake and is indica dominant.


LA Kush Cake, LA Kush Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The buds are well-formed, dense and complex, with dark greens and purples running throughout.

The trichomes are heavy and cover the bud, giving it a lighter appearance than it would otherwise have.

There are some leaves left on this, so not a top trim job, but cant say I mind too much seeing a few little (Purple) bases covered in trichomes.


LA Kush Cake captures the classic OG and adds creamy/cookie/cake flavours to give it a well rounded fragrance that is both offensive and loud.

Breaking the buds up and grinding them unleashes an extra layer of skunk aroma and the pungency follows you round, creeping into your nostrils.


LA Kush Cake, LA Kush Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The LA Kush Cake is a smooth smoke through my bong, delivering a cool, tasty hit that is very gassy. More flavour than a lot of strains through the bong.

The vapor is terpy and tastes great in my Dynavap vaporizer.

The sample has been grown well, and this shows in the flavour which encapsulates the smell and adds more into the mix.

I’ve had stronger flavour, but this makes the grade for sure!


On the indica side, this strain hits like a sledgehammer and I find myself feeling wavy within a minute of my first smoke.

Strains usually tend to hit me this quickly when they have very high % THC, and with that in mind I’d say this is comfortably above 25%.

I feel relaxed – very chilled. After smoking this I notice the tone of my voice lowers and my voice slows down and I can see this being great weed to have when you want to slow the pace of life down a bit.


LA Kush Cake, LA Kush Cake Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Overall the LA Kush Cake is a very enjoyable smoke (and vape). I wouldn’t be surprised if this one wins awards – it has delivered in all areas of the review.

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