Girl Guide Cookies Strain Review & Information

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Girl Guide Cookies is a new phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies grown from a bag seed by Black Sheep Botanicals.

Girl Scout Cookies combines Durban F1 (Durban Poison) X OG Kush and delivers an indica-dominant hybrid high around the 60/40 mark.

We have covered different phenotypes a couple of times on the channel before which you can find in our strain review series here.


Girl Guide Cookies, Girl Guide Cookies Strain Review & Information
Girl Guide Cookies

This strain captures the complexity of the GSC, with dark leaf bases covering strong green shades and vibrant orange pistils.

The bud structure is well developed with the bracts stacked nicely. It looks more on the indica side. The buds also feel resinous and reasonably dense.


Girl Guide Cookies, Girl Guide Cookies Strain Review & Information

This strain captures a strong earthy and sweet, creamy cookies aroma, which becomes apparent quite readily upon exposure to the air.

Grinding the bud up you may also detect more complex notes including pine, fresh mint and earthiness in the Girl Guide Cookies Cannabis Strain.

The smell reminds me of a lighter or ‘blonde’ Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Guide Cookies, Girl Guide Cookies Strain Review & Information

The flavour of the Girl Guide Cookies captures the sweetness of the aroma, and the smoke tastes smooth and creamy like other Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes I’ve had the pleasure of trying..

This sample has been grown well, delivering a very smooth hit through the bong.

The taste is complex through the vaporiser (the Mighty by Stortz & Bickel) the creamy cookies taste is complex, but it is not reminiscent of the Florida OG Kush in its parenthood at all.

The creamy sweet flavour notes prevail in the vapor taste.


Girl Guide Cookies, Girl Guide Cookies Strain Review & Information

The Girl Guide Cookies effects hit on the indica side of the spectrum, delivering a moderate level of high that can be felt mainly on the body, with a familiar sense of happy relaxation.

Also present is a mental uplift, with remaining clarity, making this strain potentially good to smoke in the daytime.


This strain gets good marks from me – it looks good with a lovely colour and structure, captures the Girl Scout Cookies smell and tastes good in my bong. I also really enjoyed the high my a daytime smoke, as it made me relaxed and happy.

Overall a solid smoke from Black Sheep Botanicals.

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