Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of our cannabis strain reviews series. This week I’m taking a look at Blue Cheese, a potent cross of Blueberry X UK Cheese.

This strain has been one of my favourite heavy indicas for ages – I first tried Blue Cheese from Barney’s Coffeeshop, Amsterdam back in 2010. I remember smoking it in the early evening and cutting our day short as we headed back to the hostel to grab some shut eye, it was that strong.

, Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

This sample of Blue Cheese was grown by Kush Family Collective.


The Blue Cheese buds look great – tightly packed together with good colouration, they look like little sweet boulders.

A lovely shade of green makes up most of the colour, with some faded-looking pistils (the orange hairs) dotted in for good measure.

The trichomes are also visible by eye, but the bud doesn’t appear particularly frosty.

, Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE
Blue Cheese close up


Wow, this one is a stinker! Really, really strong dank skunky cheesy smells come off this bud from all angles. Out of all the bud I’ve sampled since starting this channel, this may be the strongest smelling of them all.

Breaking open the bud I can smell the skunky cheesy deliciousness (and slight fruity undertone) that the Blue Cheese is known for.


Smoking the Blue Cheese through my bong, I was actually slightly disappointed with the flavour, considering the smell was so strong. The taste gets lost a bit, and although a bong of this Blue Cheese leaves a skunky taste in my mouth, it wasn’t strong enough for flavour.


I also vaped some Blue Cheese through my Pax 2 vaporiser. This resulted in a much better indication of the flavour, which I really enjoyed. I got skunky, cheesy and fruity notes vaping this through the Pax 2.

, Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


This is a seriously strong cannabis strain, and the effects are on the indica side. Smoking Blue Cheese can leave you with couch lock, and an overwhelming sense of relaxation that is hard to shake off!

For this reason, I prefer smoking this strain in the evening time. Medical users may find great benefit using this to treat things like insomnia.

Watch my review of the Blue Cheese cannabis strain below:

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