Terpene Boost: How to Grow Stronger Smelling Cannabis

6 mins read

The taste of cannabis is definitely most important when it comes to smoking preferences, but you’ve probably noticed that almost everyone who’s looking to purchase it shoves their noses into a storage jar or bag. They’re all looking for that big lungful of aromatic goodness, so the smell of cannabis is not at all less important. There are measures which will ensure the optimum outcome in terms of smell, and they all aim towards one thing – terpene boost.

Terpenes And Their Role

Terpenes are the molecules which produce the diverse array of scents (but also flavors) in many different strains of cannabis, so they’re without a doubt the key players when it comes to improving the taste. They’re formed on small glands of cannabis flowers called trichomes, alongside cannabinoids. Besides the fact they’re crucial in the domains of scent and taste, their variety also offers a variety of different uses, including medical benefits. Since our goal here is to achieve the smallest weed possible, we’re gonna share some tips to maximize terpene levels.

Seed Selection

There is always a potential to enhance the terpenes effect, but that potential largely depends on seed selection. That’s why it’s wise to start out with strains which have been specifically designed for terpene production and provide yourself with a huge head start. All you need to do is to carefully read the strain description of the seeds you’re planning to buy, paying special attention to a terpene profile in search of the right characteristics.

Opt for Quality Soil

Smellier weed is strongly associated with higher soil quality, so make sure you purchase or make one of prime quality. Living soil is probably the best option, which contains an active colony of microorganisms. It’s practically the soil a plant would use in nature, amended with the right kind of supplements and nutrients. Growing in this medium leads to more complex and varied terpene profile, also found in hydroponic grow.

Approach Stressing Carefully

If you’re aiming at terpene-rich cannabis, the right amount of stress is crucial. In order to grow buds loaded with terpenes, low-stress training is the best way to go since it’s not quite as extreme as topping or pruning. This technique concentrates on the manipulation of branches which forces plants to grow in a certain shape, involving gentle morphing and bending. The goal is to create more main branches which will be more spaced out, resulting in smaller plants producing larger yields with very smelly flowers. Another great way to boost terpene content is defoliation, which is practically trimming leaves. By removing additional leaves you’ll stress the plant and allow more leaves to reach the plant simultaneously, which will boost trichome production.

Light, Temperature & Water

Lighting has a critical role in terpene production since part of the reason why trichomes produce resin in nature is to protect plants from excessive light exposure. You can take advantage of this behavior by exposing your plants to UV-B lights for up to 3 weeks during flowering, easily boosting trichome production.

Temperature is equally important and helpful – if you lower it at night time you’ll get trichomes to work overtime. Just make sure you don’t chill the plants too much because other aspects of growth might suffer. It’s best not to reduce more than 5 degrees Celsius.
In the end, you should provide your plants with the purest possible water to weeks prior to harvest in order to flush them. That will remove excess nutrients which can otherwise build up in the flowers, overpowering the natural scents produced by the strain.

Harvest Time

It doesn’t take much for terpenes to degrade and breakdown since they’re volatile compounds. That’s why it’s mandatory to know when your plants are ready to harvest – if you’re only a bit too late it can result in the loss of precious scents. You’ll be able to additionally ensure that the smell is not lost by drying your weed correctly – dry it over a 3 week period in a cool environment since excess heat can degrade the valuable terpenes, and try to maintain the humidity of around 70%. In the end, the smell of your buds will be greatly enhanced by the curing process – aim at a humidity of around 50%, no lighting, and low temperatures.

That’s all it takes for terpene boost which leads to stronger smell – the right choice of seeds and soil, careful approach to stressing, manipulation of light and temperature, and well-timed harvest. With the right conditions for drying and curing, the smell will be preserved and additionally enhanced.