, About, ISMOKE

ISMOKE is a news and media company dedicated to cannabis. We hold a fundamental belief that cannabis should be legalised around the world, and share stories which we hope will help make this a reality.

We originally started ISMOKE Magazine with a pdf release magazine each month, but found this very time-consuming and limiting in terms of readership numbers, so decided to put the magazine content online for our readers in article format, as you see it today.

We also run another website, ISMOKE Media, and a youtube channel where we publish cannabis facts videos and blogs, as well as curating good cannabis content from around youtube into playlists covering cannabis documentaries, stoner music, baking, general cannabis information and more.

So, what do we want?

We want cannabis to be legalised both for medicinal and recreational purposes in the UK. While we are not a political party, we to try provide a voice to cannabis users, publishing stories on the benefits of medicinal cannabis showing how it helps people live a better life.

We hope to provide enough information so that our readers can learn about cannabis in all it’s forms without being subjected to the anti-cannabis propaganda found on conventional tabloid news sites.

The name ISMOKE is meant to evoke a sense of togetherness – ‘I smoke’ can be read as a brand or as a statement. While not all our readers are cannabis smokers (or indeed cannabis users!) it remains a very popular choice of consumption alongside vaping and edibles. We cover every form of cannabis consumption on ISMOKE, and our target audience is cannabis users in the UK and abroad, whether they choose to smoke, vape, dab or eat their cannabinoids.

Medical vs. Recreational Debate

The medical argument for legalising cannabis is as clear as the light of day. There are at least tens of thousands of people in the UK suffering from conditions that cannabis can directly benefit. Over the past decade, it has emerged that cannabinoids such as CBD have a whole range of medical benefits and that many other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant also hold medical value. There is no excuse from any Government worldwide that can justify withholding legal access to medicine for its citizens.

Even the most indulgent Cannabis users often remain fully-functional members of society, and we hold the belief that if cannabis was legalised in the UK that people would choose to use cannabis and drinking levels would drop, which could save the Government millions each year in NHS spending as well as providing a large new revenue stream via taxes which could then be channeled back into things like the NHS.

Whether a medical or a recreational cannabis user, we believe that you should not be criminalised for using something that is safer than alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine, and this is what drove us to set up ISMOKE.

The UK Cannabis Community

One thing that we have seen growing recently is the number of clubs and groups of people all over the UK getting together to consume cannabis and network in a safe environment.

This is a very good thing, and we have been meeting some great people who are part of a dedicated cannabis subculture which is continuing to grow across the country. View this page on the UKCSC website to see a list of cannabis social clubs following their model.

How You Can Get Involved

If you have something to write about or a cannabis-related story to tell then please write to me at [email protected]

We are looking for volunteer writers to join ISMOKE and write content for our readers, and we are also working on our activism guidelines (coming soon). Click here to go to the jobs page to see current vacancies!

The State of Cannabis Law in the UK

In recent years we have noticed an upturn of cannabis in the media, with more news sources talking about cannabis, mainly covering the various countries around the world who are relaxing cannabis laws.

There has been lots of cannabis news recently, most of it concerning worldwide legalisation efforts as more and more countries adopt a more sensible cannabis policy. The UK is still behind, but last year saw several reports published highlighting the need for medical cannabis legalisation in the UK.

We hope that as more countries worldwide relax cannabis laws our Government will finally see that this is the sensible way to move forward.

In Summary

In a way, a lot has changed since we started ISMOKE. While politically we have made little progress in the UK in the past 7 years, the amount of good cannabis media coming out of the woodwork speaks volumes.

The advent of encryption also means that there are now thriving cannabis communities throughout the UK (for example Instagram).

Annual cannabis rallies such as 420 in Hyde Park are also growing year on year, with over 9000 people (police figures) attending last year’s celebration, despite it being midweek. This year there are celebrations set in both the North and South, with Durham holding their own event.

ISMOKE will continue the fight for cannabis legalisation in the UK in 2017 and beyond, by providing cannabis education and information that benefits our readers.

We hope that you’ll join us for the ride!

Keep toking,

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