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ISMOKE is an archive of a media channel dedicated to cannabis. We hold a fundamental belief that cannabis should be legalised around the world, and shared content and stories 2011-2021 to help realise this goal.

We originally started ISMOKE Magazine with a pdf release magazine each month but found this very time-consuming and limiting in terms of readership numbers, so decided to put the magazine content online for our readers in article format, as you see it today.

Update Dec 2021

Hello lovely people! Thanks for following me for the past 10 years, I’ve had an absolute blast. This is an update to let you all know that I’m taking a step back from the industry in 2022. I have turned ismoke into an online archive so anyone can still access all the guides and cannabis information moving forward.
This is not goodbye – you’ll still see me at events like Product Earth, Borofest., Paradise Gardens and Spannabis and many more. So long as the YouTube channel stays online there may even be some infrequent updates over the coming months/years.
Of course, the fight is not finished until cannabis is fully legalised with grow your own included in the UK (and people with criminal records for cannabis have them expunged, and cannabis is available to all who need it for free on the NHS). I am confident that it’s in good hands with the energy and activism I’ve seen from various people and groups in recent years and still hope to see cannabis legalised in the UK sooner rather than later.
You can find my final ISMOKE series “in conversation” with Simpa Carter on YouTube
So a big thanks to my fans, followers, haters, sponsors and Patrons who have given me unbridled energy, driven my passion and even helped pay the bills while I dedicated the past decade to cannabis projects. I hope I made you proud and I wish you all the best.
Tyler Green, ISMOKE Founder
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So, what do we want?

We want cannabis to be legalised both for medicinal and recreational purposes in the UK. While we are not a political party, we provide a voice to cannabis consumers, publishing stories on the benefits of medicinal cannabis showing how it helps people live a better life.

We hope to provide enough information so that our readers can learn about cannabis in all its forms without being subjected to the anti-cannabis propaganda found on conventional tabloid news sites.

The name ISMOKE is meant to evoke a sense of togetherness – ‘I smoke’ can be read as a brand or as a statement. While not all our readers are cannabis smokers (or indeed cannabis users!) it remains a very popular choice of consumption alongside vaping and edibles. We cover every form of cannabis consumption on ISMOKE, and our target audience is cannabis users in the UK and abroad, whether they choose to smoke, vape, dab or eat their cannabinoids.

Medical vs. Recreational Debate

The medical argument for legalising cannabis is as clear as the light of day. There are 1.4 million people in the UK suffering from conditions that cannabis can directly benefit. Over the past decade, it has emerged that cannabinoids such as CBD have a whole range of medical benefits and that many other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant also hold medical value. There is no excuse from any Government worldwide that can justify withholding legal access to medicine for its citizens.

Even the most indulgent Cannabis users often remain fully-functional members of society, and we hold the belief that if cannabis was legalised in the UK that people would choose to use cannabis and drinking levels would drop, which could save the Government millions each year in NHS spending as well as providing a large new revenue stream via taxes which could then be channelled back into things like the NHS.

Whether a medical or a recreational cannabis user, we believe that you should not be criminalised for using something that is safer than alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine, and this is what drove us to set up ISMOKE.

The State of Cannabis Law in the UK

In recent years we have noticed an upturn of cannabis in the media, with more news sources talking about cannabis, mainly covering the various countries around the world that are relaxing cannabis laws.

Medical cannabis was made available in November 2018 and access is improving, with the launch of medical cannabis cards in 2020 to further legitimise cannabis patients.

We hope that as more countries worldwide relax cannabis laws our Government will finally see that this is the sensible way to move forward and move towards full legalisation.

In Summary

There is a lot to look forward to – with whole countries adopting cannabis legalisation, it is only a matter of time before this valuable resource can be utilised to its potential once again.

Until that day, ISMOKE will continue to push for cannabis legalisation in the UK by providing cannabis education and information that benefits our readers.

Let’s educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis!