GMO Strain Review

GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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GMO also known as Garlic Cookies is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies X Chemdog. Known for its savoury flavour and strong effects, this strain has risen to be one of the popular options in the UK for flavour chasers in 2020.


GMO, GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This bud has a very interesting appearance – despite it’s lineage falling on the indica side, GMO grows like a Sativa plant and even has a 13 week flowering period.

The nugs look almost haze-like with vibrant greens, strong pistils and good trichome coverage.

The buds look complex but not stacked dense like some other strains covered on the channel recently.


GMO, GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The GMO carries a unique flavour profile – the “Garlic Mushroom Onions” tag it has been labelled with is a bit of a gimmick – while you can certainly get hints of garlic its more like the smell of old clothes/vintage markets/boot sales, even hints of body odour. So surprising to report despite all this it still smells nice!

With this strain’s aroma is a true lack of sweetness which has characterised so many strains I’ve smoked that it’s non-presence is an immediate change noticeable in the GMO.

It has a different smell to most cannabis strains.

GMO, GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


GMO, GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This sample is grown well and the smoke through my bong reflects this, delivering a smooth and cool hit. That savoury taste is also present, carrying the aromatic notes present in the smell into the taste of the smoke.

The Dynavap delivers a strong enjoyable flavour when vaping the GMO, even more so than the smoke. I think this flavour profile could be well-suited at certain times, maybe even with or just before meals!

The wax tastes lovely, capturing the GMO terps wonderfully in an even more concentrated way than the vaporiser.


GMO, GMO Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This cannabis strain hits with a body-led high that starts around the eyes and creeps into the muscles and joints relaxing them reasonably fast.

The spectrum of the high from the GMO made me initially feel uplifted and heady, slightly changing my perception of time as it lifted me up before settling into more of a “in the zone” type high.


A fantastic smoke, powerful genetics and a wonderful strain – GMO is a solid strain choice and I can see why this one is so popular at the moment.

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