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Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review

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This week we are taking a look at Zookies, a US-grown cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies. This strain is a 50/50 hybrid which often delivers around 25% THC, putting it on the stronger side of cannabis strains in 2017.

It is originally bred by Alien Labs (now grown by Cannaman 707 and the Golden State Cultivators). The strain was initially called Zookeepers, until phenotype #7 was designated something special and renamed Zookies.

Zookies Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.


This sample looks like it has been double-dipped in trichomes, with plenty of white cannabinoid crystals being apparent all over the bud (and inside once ground).

The presentation of this sample is exceptional – no leaves or leaf bases remain and the Zookies bud has a great shape to  it – jutting calyxs give it a unique shape and the colouration is a lovely light-green, almost white in some places due to the trichomes, with some patches of the vibrant gold of the pistils.

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


The sample of Zookies smells great, although I had to break open the sample to get a true idea of the scent.

Before breaking open the bud I initially get a delicious but generalised cannabis scent – but after opening this up, I get a really dank Gorilla Glue 4 sort of smell that’s very apparent, with the added cookies scent coming from the animal cookies lineage.

This particular phenotype smells more on the GG4 side, so not sure if that is an expression of this particular plant or if it always comes out like this – either way, these are some great genetics, and this sample smells great!

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


Consuming this through my Widowmaker Bong I’m very impressed with the flavour, it again leans towards the Gorilla Glue 4 side, but with a nice cookies twist.

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE

The good representation of flavour through my bong tells me this has been grown and cured well, a thought process which is backed up when I consume some of the Zookies through my Genius Pipe and enjoy the smooth and apparent flavour of this strain.

It gets good marks in the flavour department, with the Zookies perhaps leaning a little more towards Gorilla Glue #4 than animal Cookies – I’ve been enjoying some GG4 this week so I have an idea of the smell and taste of that one firmly lodged in my brain!

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


While it’s not the fastest-acting strain, when Zookies does kick in it will treat you to an inebriating hybrid stone that will not disappoint even seasoned cannabis consumers.

The hybrid high of the Zookies is apparent, with effects on both ends of the spectrum arriving in wave after wave as the cannabinoids weave their magic.

I consumed a bong and pipe in quick succession, so both hit me at once, and I get both cerebral effects and body relaxation which make me feel great.

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


In summary, I enjoyed working with this cannabis strain – the delicious hybrid high is delivered through an exceptionally grown sample, all topped off with amazing genetics; so there was never really much doubt that I was going to enjoy reviewing this one.

Great appearance, smell, taste and effects – top marks all round for the Zookies cannabis strain – I’m certainly looking forward to smoking this strain again.

Zookies, Zookies Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE

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