Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer

3 mins read

This week we got our hands of the brand new recently released Dynavap M 2020 vaporizer, courtesy of our friends at The Goods.

The ‘M’ may be Dynavap’s entry-level vaporizer, but it packs in the same technology found in all of the models.

In addition to our new vape, we also received a new Dynavap X The Goods Dynastash (Imagine a dugout), Accessories Kit and Dynacoil which is a tiny attachment used to vaporize cannabis extract.

So, what is exactly new since we covered last year’s model?

The Dynavap M 2020 edition has a different finish to the M 2019, with a stainless steel polish and deep lines along it like some kind of futuristic screw.

, Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer, ISMOKE

It also features a new “Dragon’s Nostril” two-hole carborator which allows for further precision when using the device.

Other than that, it uses the same technology as previous models!

The Dynavap works by filling the chamber (located under the vapcap) with herb, then heating the outside, either with a torch or an induction heater, until the device is ready to use.

, Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer, ISMOKE

The simplicity and ease of control using the Dynavap has led to it becoming increasingly popular, despite being one of the few vaporisers on the market requiring external heating.

We now use the Dynavap for all our strain reviews, as the taste section requires a good understanding of the flavour, and not much can beat the Dynavap in this sense.

It is also super easy to clean as you can take it apart and use a pipe cleaner before putting it back together.

Just don’t put the end you’ve just heated up to your lips by mistake as this will be painful (speaking from first-hand experience).

The Hemp Elf Website currently have the full range of Dynavap 2020 options including Wooden and Titanium models if you don’t mind shelling out a bit more cash.

The Dynavap M 2020 Edition is £64.99 with the DynaStash special edition Stash Box costing £39.99 and accessories pack (£15.99) /dynacoil (£22.99) both sold separately. You can use our code ISMOKE10 for 10% off your order on the Hemp Elf website.

You can watch our video featuring the Dynavap 2020 either below or here on YouTube