4 ways to consume weed

Top ways to consume weed

Cannabis legalisation has swept the western world in the past decade. It’s been a godsend for communities and activists alike. With the floodgates open, the market has innovated around the consumption, storage,


Skullcap Extract Review

We recently took a look at a BHO extract made from the Skullcap strain, bred by Karma Genetics. Skullcap combines Sour Headstash X Biker Kush and delivers a good mixture of sour

Is vaping CBD healthier than vaping e-juice?

Is Vaping CBD Healthier Than Vaping e-juice?

Is CBD Vaping Healthier Than “Normal Vaping“? Devices for vaping have been on the market now for over two decades. However, the question is whether vaping CBD is healthier than normal vaping,

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