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Beware of Impersonators


It has come to our attention that there has been a person or people attempting to impersonate the ISMOKE brand.

While this is a form of flattery, it is frustrating to say the least to hear that some companies have been approached in our name asking to send free products and samples.

Fortunately, to our knowledge, the companies affected have come forward and let us know the situation and we wanted to make a public statement to ensure that the message is out there.

Yeti OG Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This week we are taking a look at Yeti OG (originally known as Headband BX) bred by Loompa Farms.

This phenotype of Yeti OG was found and selected by Resin Heads Genetics in the UK. It is one of two selected phenotypes entered into various cannabis cups in the UK and on mainland Europe.

Raw Macaw Extracts (Video)


Following on from our video on Bear 710 extracts, this week we took at look at two examples of shatter from UK extractors Raw Macaw

This week’s extractors are known for their stable and terpy shatter which comes in a film and branded with the Raw Macaw branding.

Update: Things change quickly in the UK cannabis community, and since publishing the brand is no longer in existence, but the shatter was lovely while it lasted!

Watch our video on Raw Macaw here on YouTube (Or above)

Linx Blaze Dab Pen


This week we got to take a look at the Linx Blaze, a new dab pen on the market by Californian-based Linx Vapor that is a nice way to vape cannabis extracts.

The Linx Blaze has a removable quartz or ceramic chamber, depending on preference. It heats up almost instantly, allowing you to load up dabs worth of extract (suggested size is about a grain of rice) and vape it in under a minute.

Bear 710 Extracts (Video)


Also known mysteriously as “The Bear”, Bear710 extracts have been popular in the UK for some time.

Hailing from the North of the UK, these extractors won last year’s Dead Fox Cup 1st and 3rd place with their diamonds and sauce.

We have been fortunate to find Bear’s Extracts on several occasions, and have now featured some of their creations in a new video filmed for our youtube channel, part of a brand new series designed to showcase some of the best extracts/extractors in the UK.

Ghost MV1 ISMOKE Competition


To celebrate the release of our Ghost MV1 review out now on our YouTube channel we have partnered up with Ghost Vapes to give our viewers the chance to win a vaporizer worth £265!

The Ghost MV1 is a true on-demand convection vaporizer, heating your herbs up in 5 seconds and giving a seriously good draw, nice clouds and a heavy hit for the chamber size (0.1g).

Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This Week Orange Slush is in our stain spotlight. This hybrid delivers a strong citrus aroma and taste.

Let’s learn about Orange Slush in this edition of our Strain Information features


Bred by Black Sheep Botanicals in 2017 – in this case they have used the same tropical-inspired Jamaican strain and combined it with Purple Trainwreck to produce Orange Slush.

The result of this is very different to the Ginger Glue we recently reviewed, taking on more of the heavy indica side (although still incorporating sativa effects).

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Orange Slush has a solid bud structure, showing in this sample which is dense, well-developed and healthy-looking.

This sample reached me in great condition. The colours on this one were lovely – green popping with sparkling trichomes, and deep orange pistils. Great trim, not too much stalk. All round good sample.

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information


The smell of Orange Slush initially was reminding me a lot of Marmalade, a Lady Sativa strain we have reviewed previously which had all involved in finding and growing the cut really excited due to the terps and pizzazz of the Rainbow Candy Cut found by Dank Growing Farms in particular. This orange slush captured the orange puke smell I got from that cut of the marmalade right out of the tin.

Breaking the sample open and eventually grinding it up treated me to sweeter and more citrus-inspired notes, making me think of orange with a bit of lemon thrown in there – breakfast terps.


, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Taste + Consumption Experience

I tried out the Orange Slush through my bong and Mighty Vaporizer.

The smoking experience was smooth, delivering a powerfully citrus-flavoured hit that was particularly tasty from the start of the exhale. It smoked clean with zero acridity.

Vaping this provided me with sweeter orange terps than I was expecting, no hints of the Marmalade here.

, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information


I consumed two bowls and a vaporizer of the Orange Slush in quick succession, and five-ten minutes after I was feeling the waves of this strain kicking in.

It started with a clear sativa head lift, and this was followed by more intense waves as the body effects began to kick in – I got an increased light sensitivity but was able to remain focused and alert.

After 10+ minutes the high became a lot more relaxing and I’d say overall it felt more on the indica side.


, Orange Slush Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Overall I enjoyed this strain and found it to provide something a bit different from my regular smoke. The orange terp balance is similar in some ways to strains I know and love, but in other ways it is very original.

A good strain all round.

Terpene Boost: How to Grow Stronger Smelling Cannabis


The taste of cannabis is definitely most important when it comes to smoking preferences, but you’ve probably noticed that almost everyone who’s looking to purchase it shoves their noses into a storage jar or bag. They’re all looking for that big lungful of aromatic goodness, so the smell of cannabis is not at all less important. There are measures which will ensure the optimum outcome in terms of smell, and they all aim towards one thing – terpene boost.

The Benefits of Medicinal CBD Products for Animals

cbd for pets

Cannabidiol or CBD is a concentrated extract of the Cannabis Sativa or Indica plant. It generally contains high concentrations of cannabinoids (but low concentrations of THC). Therefore, CBD is not capable of giving your pet or any animal a “high”. The use of CBD for animals is still fairly new and therefore many people are uncertain about its therapeutic properties on animals. The good news is that although the American Veterinary Medical Association has not sanctioned the use of CBD in animals yet, there have been many successful cases of the use of CBD products to help animals with illnesses and conditions.

Both CBD and THC are non-toxic, which means that they cannot kill you, your child or your animals. Despite recent circulating rumours of dangers of high cannabinoid products for pets in areas which have seen legalisation, there has never been a single reported case of a death directly attributed to cannabis.

Below are the benefits of medicinal CBD products for animals:

CBD is an effective painkiller

Since cannabidiol interacts with brain receptors, it can help with pain management. CBD temporarily halts the absorption of anandamide in the animal’s body. High levels of anandamide result in pain relief.

CBD is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. By reduction of inflammation, CBD is also able to relieve pain in animals. A study carried out and published in the journal Pain, helped in the relief of joint pains and swelling in rats with osteoarthritis.

CBD helps reduce anxiety

Just like people, animals also suffer from anxiety. The cause of anxiety may differ in animals. This anxiety will, however, lead to stress and may trigger certain physical reactions just like in human beings.

For example, in dogs, anxiety may arise from traveling, noise or even separation. These dogs then exhibit behaviors such as;

  • Chewing shoes, furniture, and other items.
  • Increased aggression
  • Tremors
  • Insistent barking

In cats, symptoms of anxiety can be;

  • Meowing excessively
  • Increased aggression
  • Loss of appetite
  • The cat will always hide
  • Restlessness

If you use feminized cannabis seeds for the extraction of CBD, it helps reduce anxiety in cats and other animals.

CBD Products for Animals, The Benefits of Medicinal CBD Products for Animals

CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. This inflammatory effect is the main reason behind the use of CBD in managing many conditions. CBD normally interacts with CB2 receptors of the immune cells hence eliciting a wide range of immune responses. One of these immunity responses is easing of inflammation in the body.

Many conditions will cause inflammation in various body parts, for example, arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. CBD can, therefore, be used in animals with these conditions to provide relief.

CBD is an anticonvulsant

CBD helps in the control of muscle spasms, seizures, and tremors. Various studies have proven the fact that CBD helps in reducing seizures and spasms caused by epilepsy and other conditions such as multiple sclerosis.  In fact, the anti-convulsion properties of CBD first came to light through the story of Charlotte Figi. She was a young girl suffering from epilepsy and her seizures were effectively managed by use of CBD rich cannabis.

CBD, therefore, can help in managing tremors and tics in animals.

CBD is an anti-emetic

CBD is also used in the control of nausea and vomiting in humans as well as animals. Nausea and vomiting are serious symptoms which often lead to a reduction in appetite and ultimately loss of weight and dehydration.

Studies show that CBD is not only effective in managing nausea and vomiting but also helps in stimulating appetite. Since CBD is a natural medication, it does not come with side effects associated with other medications. Common anti-emetic drugs elicit adverse reactions such as;

  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive drooling
  • Sedation
  • Lack of appetite

With the use of CBD, such reactions are avoided.

CBD aids in homeostasis

Homeostasis is the ability of an organism to maintain internal stability and adjust to changes in the surrounding environment. A perfect example of homeostasis is the way by which humans are able to maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degrees regardless of the changing environment.

A scientific study by Dr. Perry Solomon shows that the CBD from cannabis seeds aids in promoting homeostasis in the body. This is actually why many choose to use CBD not only to treat particular conditions but also as regular supplements in animals to promote their overall health.

CBD helps in managing tumors

It is a known fact that animals are also susceptible to the growth of tumors. While currently there is no known definite cure for cancer, treatment often focuses on the reduction in the growth rate of tumors and pain management. In animals, the most common treatment regime for tumor growths in chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy has various side effects including;

  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite.

Fortunately, CBD can be used to counter all of the above effects.

New studies have also shown that CBD helps in slowing down the spread of cancer cells and the growth of tumors.

If an animal suffers from any of the above conditions and symptoms, you should give CBD a try. It may just be the answer to the animal’s ailments. Also, giving regular CBD supplements to animals will go a long way in improving the overall well being of the animal.

Note: In the UK it is now illegal to sell CBD marketed directly at pets, and CBD products should currently be prescribed the cannabinoid by their vets. However, information is lacking, so much like with humans, owners are choosing to treat their pets with CBD. Make sure you research the condition thoroughly and learn about the products you are using, and keep it natural and full spectrum where possible

Ginger Glue by Black Sheep Botanicals Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This week I got to sample Ginger Glue, a strain which combines the oh-so-famous gorilla glue with a tropical Jamaican landrace.

Bred by Black Sheep Botanicals in 2016, Ginger Glue is an indica-dominant hybridized strain, and the results of this cross are very nice.

Trying the new Harmony CBD E-Liquid flavours


This CBD E-Liquid by Harmony comes in many flavours, and this week we got our hands on the six newest varieties. Some are cannabis-inspired and others inspired by other flavour profiles.

Read on to find out my thoughts on the Harmony CBD E-Liquid. You can watch our previous video talking about their CBD products from 2016 here:

Purple Sherbet Extract Review (VIDEO)


This week I got my hands on some Purple Sherbet shatter by Raw Macaw.

This delicious extract is the subject of a new video out now on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

I enjoyed sampling the Purple Sherbet for this week’s review. This stable extract gave little smell before vaping, but the taste was fantastic. The high leans towards the indica end of the spectrum, making this strain suited for the afternoons/evenings.

Have you tried this strain? Tweet us @ISMOKEMEDIA

You can also catch up with our Mimosa Extract review here:

Mimosa (Extract) Strain Review & Information


Mimosa cannabis extract review by ISMOKE – Shatter review featuring Mimosa BHO by Bear.710

Mimosa combines Purple Punch with Clementine to create a unique and potent terp profile.

I covered Mimosa bud in our live strain review at The Original Alternative cannabis club back in March, alongside its parent plant Purple Punch. Whilst I prefer purple punch, the Mimosa, with its citrus twist, delivers a strong and enjoyable flavour that shines through in this extract:

This extract has been made using butane (BHO) to produce a form of cannabis extract known as shatter. This highly potent and increasingly common form of extract comes in several shades with the taste depending on what strain it is made from.

Mimosa is the sort of strain I like to smoke before I watch stoner movies.

If you can imagine the purple (grape) fruitiness of the Purple Punch and a citrus kick, then you have a good basis for how the mimosa smells and tastes.

This video was published on the ISMOKE Channel on 2/5/19

Want to know more about cannabis extract? Check out this article – Clearing up the Myth that Cannabis Extract is a Class A Drug in the United Kingdom

Did you know you can buy legal cannabis extract (CBD extract) made for dabbing and vape pens? Check out Synergy Extracts here

Sour Diesel Bx2 Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This week I got my hands on Sour Diesel Bx2. This is a great example of a classic strain reimagined, and if you have ever smoked Sour Diesel you’ll have a good idea of what to expect…

VTP – Weed On The Floor (Official Music Video)


VTP (Very Talented People) are a rap group from Norway. on 420 they dropped a new comedy rap track entitled “Weed on the Floor”

@VeryTalentedPeople (Instagram)

Here are some TV recommendations to watch when high