ZkittleZ ISMOKE Strain Review

ZkittleZ combines Grape Ape X Grapefruit and maybe an undisclosed 3rd strain to produce a terp-heavy indica-dominant strain which has soared in popularity in recent years.

Gifted from 3rd Gen Family and grown out by Terp Hogz, the ZkittleZ flavour is what distinguishes it from the rest, making it instantly recognisable.

This sample of ZkittleZ featuring in our review is from the ZMoney Cut grown by RoadRunner, gifted to him by Pot Valley Seeds.


zkittlez, ZkittleZ Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE
ZkittleZ sticker on a recyclable glass jar with metal lid

The natural green colour in the sample doesn’t show huge amounts of complexity – the trichomes are visible as a bright orange and the buds have a nice solid structure, but not too dense.

Research on this strain states potential for it to go purple if subjected to cold nighttime temperatures before flowering, but this sample doesn’t show that.

It is a very nice looking bit of flower, with the organic no-till growing method which has given this sample a very natural looking and almost boutique feel.


zkittlez, ZkittleZ Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The ZkittleZ smell is both complex and delicious. Fruity sweet and citrus notes hit the nostrils in a distinctive way that is not only notable in the strain itself, but also many crosses using the ZkittleZ genetics.

The smell is strong and stands out immediately, traveling through the air as soon as the jar is opened.

Top marks on the smell of the ZkittleZ strain!


zkittlez, ZkittleZ Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Consuming ZkittleZ in the bong delivers a super terpy flavour that covers that sweet fruity grape/grapefruit combo and literally tastes like it smells. The smoke is smooth and goes down easily.

Vaping this presents some of the nicest vape flavour I think I’ve tried to date. The complexity of those flavour notes make this a real stand out taste. I might not be getting ZkittleZ sweets in the flavour, but I can taste the rainbow!


zkittlez, ZkittleZ Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The ZkittleZ cannabis strain delivers a strong, heavy indica stone, but not before it lifts the consumer with a short creative boost. Then a solid relaxation kicks in, making this strain perfect for those afternoons/evenings/gaming sessions

ZkittleZ varies from 18-23% THC, so is classed as a strong cannabis strain, although not as strong as others on the market. Regardless of this it hits hard, and it kicks in fast, with noticeable effects only a couple of minutes after consumption

Overall this powerhouse of a strain deserves the fame it has gained in recent years – expect those ZkittleZ genetics to continue to influence the cannabis breeding world.

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