Court Support Group Pledge Support for Gary Youds

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On February 24 @ 10am Activists will be gathering outside Liverpool Crown Court to support a long standing cannabis club owner , Gary Youds, organised by the Court Support Group which you can join on Facebook here.

Mr Youds has been running Chillin Rooms for 17 years in Kensington, Liverpool. this area of Liverpool is one of the most deprived, addicted and economically neglected areas with crime rates surpassing many other areas.

Chillin Rooms provided a safer alternative to the surrounding environment and promoted a positive cannabis culture with music, education and importantly community. The businesses surrounding have felt the impact of this venue closing and Garys quality of life has been heavily restricted due to the enforcement of the misuse of drugs act.

This February will not be Gary’s first appearance in a court of law for the same charges, this has us wondering where the public interest is, and who’s interest prosecution lies with.

“We want to show support for Gary and support for social clubs, we want to show in numbers we want Gary to be free and for Chillin Rooms to resume, this goes against what law enforcement thinks about cannabis consumption. We need to bridge the gap between community and authority with education, tactical expression and understanding.” said Dylan from Bud Tank.

“Gary put his freedom at risk 7 days a week for cannabis consumers and we want to show the appreciation for what he has done by supporting him through this process.”

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Gary has been at several cannabis awareness events we have attended over the years

We think the show of support from the cannabis community for Gary is incredible, and wish Gary good luck in the upcoming trial. With cannabis clubs in operation around the country, it is not in the public interest to convict a man for offering a safe environment for cannabis consumers when the plant is consumed by millions of people across the UK.

You can read about the last time Gary was in prison for cannabis here in the ISMOKE archives

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This support has made the Liverpool Echo – click here to read the story

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