SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This Karma Genetics strain combines Sour Diesel X SFVTK and delivers a wonderful balance of diesel, OG and gas.

Given by Karma as seeds from a limited run to Chemdank, the SSFVTK puts the classic Sour Diesel with its clarity-inspirational-chatty head high in with the OG Lineage found in the San Fernando Valley and Triangle Mints.


SSFVTK, SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This genotype carries over the look of the Sour Diesel. Characterised by long nugs which have various shades from light green to brown and copper colours of the pistils.

The buds are a good density with some give and plenty of trichomes can be seen throughout.


SSFVTK, SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The SSFVTK captures a wonderful expression of the gassy smell you get with both Sour D and OG strains. It is earthy, rich and strong hitting the nose like superglue when the strain is ground.

Strong levels of scent make up this aroma which I very much enjoy.


SSFVTK, SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The gas and an earthiness carry into the flavour of the bong smoke. The vapour has an almost sharp tinge as the terps of the gas are very detectable even during the inhale.

This has the sort of jet fuel flavour to it and it is out in force so will be enjoyed by people who like their gassy strains.


SSFVTK, SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This is a great daytime smoke. the SSFVTK delivers a potent high, but it is the type of head high that leaves the mind with clarity.

Because of this it can be enjoyed early on in the day for a wake and bake or even before accomplishing tasks.

But because of this clear-headed type of high, I find I can smoke this quickly and get through more of it as a result.


SSFVTK, SSFVTK Cannabis Strain Review & Information

A nice smoke, the SSFVTK could perhaps do with a better name as its difficult to say and remember at first, but due to its genetics and limited availability it is certainly a strain to watch out for.

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