Gelato Shatter

Gelato Shatter Review

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We recently took a look at some BHO made from one of the most popular “Cali Import” cannabis strains to grace the UK in the late two thousand and teens – Gelato.

Extracted by Bear Extracts this Gelato shatter came in a standard shatter pack with branding and in parchment paper.

This shatter is golden/amber-coloured, with a good level of stability, meaning you could handle with hands (but not advisable due to skin oils).

Possibly owing to the stability this doesn’t have a huge amount of smell directly but when heated and vaporized/dabbed it gives off a delicious Gelato scent.

It delivers a smooth terpy hit through the dab rig with gelato taste being noticeable from the start of the exhale.

Delicious flavour can be tasted which exceeds the flavour levels of most gelato we’ve smoked due to the terp concentrations (and not combusting).

The shatter by Bear Extracts varies in potency from 55-75% THC so a little goes a long way, but with the Gelato extract, it is easy to go back for a second dab…and then a third!

Gelato Shatter, Gelato Shatter Review

It gives a strong hybrid high that is familiar to Gelato lovers – uplifting, relaxed and happy.

Watch our Gelato extract review below, or alternatively watch it here on YouTube.

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