Deadhead OG Cannabis Strain Information & ISMOKE Report

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This week we’re taking a look at Deadhead OG, a hybrid cross of Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush that regularly delivers over 20% THC.

Deadhead OG is 60% Indica to 40% Sativa, and consumers report that it’s got a potent and relaxing high that comes alongside the cerebral effects that this strain delivers.

We sat down to try out some of this strain for this week’s ISMOKE Report!

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This sample is presented well – the colouration is a nice: light green with the sparkly reflective fleks from the trichomes. It’s frosty with the glistening trichomes covering the bud.

The pistils are a rich golden colour, giving the whole sample a slight gold tint. It’s been given a good trim job and the overall appearance of this bud presents a pleasing complexity.


This is a bit of a strange one – when opening the pop jar, the OG gassy smell is already very apparent and fills the room quite quickly. However, when I break open the sample no additional smell is released – I’m expecting a strong aroma but nothing materialises from inside the bud.

Grinding up the sample, I begin to get more of a pungent scent, but not the gas I was expecting. It smells good, sure, but not like a powerful OG strain!


Consuming this through my bong, the taste gets a little lost. It still tastes nice, don’t get me wrong, but the flavour is a little more watery than gassy. The smoke isn’t acrid, and I enjoy the hit, despite slight lack of flavour on the inhale and exhale.

Smoking this through my Genius Pipe, however, I’m very impressed with the flavour. The roof of my mouth, particularly after the first hit on the pipe, tastes like pure gassy OG, and I finally begin to appreciate the flavour profile of this bud!

I can detect OG and the gassy power of Chemdawg 91 notes (damn, those are some good genetics) through my pipe.


This is a strong one, although not the fastest-acting strain I’ve consumed in recent weeks.

The effects begin to come on after about 4-5 minutes – that’s enough time for me to consume the bong and pipe, so both hit me at once.

I’m treated to an enjoyable hybrid wavey feeling that lasts for about 15 minutes while the high kicks in, before it settles into a nice, mellow hybrid stone.

Deadhead OG, Deadhead OG Cannabis Strain Information & ISMOKE Report


I like this strain – I was impressed with the appearance, although I became a little disappointed with the smell and taste through my bong.

But as soon as I got it into my pipe, I was happy, as the flavour started to really come through in a nice way. Plus, when the effects kicked in, I found it hard to be disappointed with anything!

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