Bred by UK breeders Second Nature Selections, Yuzu kush combines the genetics of Black Lime Reserve with Skywalker OG. Grown in Chemdank’s private garden, the living soil has unleashed the terp potential, and yes, it is as citrus as it is gassy.


, Yuzu Kush Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This strain features the characteristic kush bud structure, yet it somehow looks more slender than other kush strains. Each bract is dense and fluffs out when ground, but none of the buds are huge.

Due perhaps to the trim and bud structure, many of the buds resemble colas and overall carry a solid appearance.

The greens are punctuated with vibrant orange pistils which are in such number as to feature heavily on the buds. The whites of the trichomes are visible too, adding lighter shades into the mix.


, Yuzu Kush Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Yuzi Kush has a very interesting aroma – and perhaps it is aptly named, for the citrus is apparent in addition to the earthy kush which gets a whole lot moe gassy when the sample is squeezed, broken apart or ground, hinting at the Skywalker OG in the parents.

It is not anywhere near as jet fuel-esque as the Skywalker, however, with a strong and different citrus twang creeping in and melding wonderfully into a Citrus Gas flavour that is characteristic of the Yuzu Kush.

It is also piney, spicey and earthy with hints of menthol, overall delivering a deliciously complex flavour profile.

Taste + Smoking Experience

, Yuzu Kush Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Yuzu Kush is a smooth smoke through the bong but the flavour is best enjoyed though the vaporiser when the real Citrus twang comes out. The vapor is gassy and sweet and containing a rich terp profile akin to the smell.

The joint smokes OK, but the vaporiser wins as my choice to really appreciate the Yuzu Kush flavour.


, Yuzu Kush Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This strain may deliver a body-led high, but it leaves the mind relatively clear, making it a good choice for a daytime smoke. Over the past few weeks I have found myself picking this one up early on, before moving on to cloudier strains as the afternoon and evening progresses

The high kicks in fast, and Yuzu Kush gave me a relaxed happiness;
a body chiller and a mood lifter.

Overall, this is an enjoyable smoke and brings something different to the table.

Watch my video review of Yuzu Kush below or here on youtube.

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