YouTube is running anti-gay ads on LGBTQ+ content

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Following on from our coverage of YouTube demonetizing cannabis content last year, then starting a purge of many things cannabis-related on its website, it has now become clear that YouTube is not stopping there.

Also affected by their AI Bots/algorithms (said to be in charge of this continuing purge) is an increasing amount of LGBTQ+ content which is suffering from the same demonetization issues that the cannabis industry suffered last year.

However, something even more insidious has begun to rear its head in light of the latest iteration of YouTube’s adpocalypse – anti-gay ads have begun to appear on this kind of content.

So YouTube is limiting its creators to only monetising non-controversial videos, but allowing controversial advertisers to run ads on the same content.

This is even more deplorable than removing perfectly legitimate content from the platform because it allows a subversive message to detract from the message the creators are trying to put out there.

More dangerous is the fact that in this case the advertiser’s message, in particular, promotes an anti-gay agenda clearly purposed to be viewed by potentially vulnerable people who may be looking for support.

Popular YouTuber Hank Green released this video talking about the issue which shows YouTube’s algorithm is far from perfect.

Now with an increasing number of channels, creators and content affected, these issues with YouTube are becoming more and more visible.

Watch the video below:

We live in the 21st Century, a time which promotes inclusion and allows people to be themselves.

This worrying trend being continued by YouTube sets dangerous precedents for content creators and shows that the platform cares about its advertisers a lot more than those who make its content.

Where will it stop?

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