YouTube terminates the ISMOKE YouTube Channel

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On Thursday 19th April 2018 the ISMOKE YouTube Channel became inaccessible after being terminated by the platform.

Note: The ISMOKE Youtube Channel was reinstated a couple of months after this story broke

This marked the end of our YouTube channel which was built from the ground up over the past few years, amassing 14,000 subscribers and over 1.5 million video views.

Less than 24 hours before this, last week we reported on YouTube closing the channels of many prominent cannabis content creators, so our own channel termination came as no surprise. The world’s most popular video platform has adopted a 3 strikes policy and has been culling channels it doesn’t want online with seemingly increasing vigour in recent weeks.

What does this mean for ISMOKE?

Well, it makes us hate censorship all the more. But don’t worry, we will still be making our cannabis videos and uploading them across our channels on the web.

While we have lost the pretty awesome discovery feature YouTube offered which brought new people to our videos based on recommendations, we have already seen an influx of viewers coming over to Vimeo and subscribing to our new channel where we are currently in the process of re-uploading our YouTube videos alongside shiny new ones.

So please follow us on Vimeo to stay up-to-date with ISMOKE’s videos moving forward.

But what about Youtube?

YouTube’s terms and conditions prohibit ISMOKE from owning another YouTube channel. However you can subscribe to Tyler Green’s personal YouTube channel here.

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