4/20 2016 in Hyde Park London

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According to police figures yesterday on April 20th, over 9000 people showed up to support cannabis legalisation by staging a peaceful rally and smoke up in Hyde Park.

There were people there from all sorts of backgrounds and we got chatting to some great people throughout the day:

, 4/20 2016 in Hyde Park London, ISMOKEWe did not see anybody getting arrested although there was a heavy police presence throughout the day including helicopters and groups of police walking about all over Hyde Park with dogs etc. News reports state that 11 people were arrested for drug offences, probably around the outskirts or outside of the event where people were openly consuming cannabis throughout the day with spliffs, bongs and even dabbing rigs spotted by ISMOKE!

Fighting for cannabis legalisation we need events like yesterday to raise awareness and show the people that we mean business. We met so many people yesterday fighting the good fight, and did our best to spread the ISMOKE message (we gave out 1000 flyers throughout the day!)

, 4/20 2016 in Hyde Park London, ISMOKEHopefully if you attended you saw the ISMOKE flyers which were placed on the NORML stand and being given out throughout the day:

, 4/20 2016 in Hyde Park London, ISMOKEWe hope that the event next year will be even bigger, drawing thousands of cannabis users from all over the country and beyond.

Here are some more photos we took throughout the day. It started getting really busy around 3pm:

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