We have been taking a look at the Woodies CBD products this week. You can find these online on their website and use the code ISMOKE for 10% off via this link.

Woodies offers a range of premium CBD products including vape pens, vape carts and CBD oil.

CBD Vapes

The Woodies UK CBD vape cartridges are made from CBD distillate, and are flavoured with cannabis-derived terpenes, giving them a delicious terpy taste.

woodies, Woodies CBD Vape + Oil, ISMOKE
Woodies Amnesia Haze Vape Cart

I got my hands on the Woodies Amnesia Haze vape pen, made with CBD distillate and terpenes (90/10 ratio). I also got hold of one of the Pineapple (fruit-flavoured) vape carts to use in my own vaporiser.

The vape pen comes as a single disposable unit. Each cart contains 0.5ml and on the box it states which flavour is inside as well as the percentage of CBD and terpenes.

The cartridge comes in a mylar bag with product info written on, as below:

woodies, Woodies CBD Vape + Oil, ISMOKE
Woodies Pineapple Vape Cart

No VG, PG or PEG is used in the Woodies products, and I can certainly taste the benefits of that – both flavours are very natural and taste just like regular (THC) distillate vape carts. The flavours are so accurate to the cannabis spectrum that I cannot say these don’t have THC in from taste alone (lucky I have seen the lab results!), and I am including the pineapple “fruit” flavoured one in that.

The flavours are great, and I think the biggest choice will come down to whether the CBD vape pen or vape cart would best suit your needs, depending if you have your own vaporiser to use it with, or if not you can use their single disposable unit (I cannot see how you can charge the vape pen up) costing the same price (£39.99 for fruit flavours, 344.99 for strain flavours on-site).


woodies, Woodies CBD Vape + Oil, ISMOKE

The Woodies CBD Oil comes in a 10ml bottle and in two flavours – lemon and peppermint, and four strengths: 200mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg.

I tried out the Woodies lemon flavour 500mg CBD oil which costs £24.99 on-site.

The oil itself is clear, with maybe a slight yellow tint. The branding of all the Woodies products is great, with a matte black premium feel, and this includes the CBD Oil:

woodies, Woodies CBD Vape + Oil, ISMOKE
Woodies Lemon-flavoured CBD Oil

I must say, I really enjoyed the flavour of this oil and found it very palatable. The lemon notes are very natural to the point that it captures a sort of bitter lemon/natural lemon juice taste. I can comfortably consume this without needing a drink after and I enjoy the taste.

Dosage will vary from person to person, but with a few drops each day even a 10ml bottle of CBD oil will last a while.

Due to the size and premium feel of the oil bottle this could also easily be carried around in a bag and people will certainly want to know more when they see the black and gold bottle.

Overall I enjoyed sampling the Woodies range of CBD products and in particular found the vape pens to be something that I will be taking out and about with me to events to keep myself topped up with cannabidiol.

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