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Win an “Ice Man” Dab Rig by JaXX USA in Our Giveaway

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We have teamed up with our sponsor Ali Bongo for our latest giveaway in which you could win a deluxe “Ice Man” recycler dab rig (plus a handy dab tool) by JaXX USA worth over £69.99!

Five runners-up will also win an Ali Bongo goodie bag, including a T-Shirt, Grinder and Skins.

Just look at this sexy JaXX USA dab rig, adding style to your dabs:

JaXX USA, Win an “Ice Man” Dab Rig by JaXX USA in Our Giveaway, ISMOKE

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Closing date: Friday 25th November 2016.

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Jaxx USA – The Iceman Recycler Oil Bong
Product Description from the Ali bongo Website

A cool installment of new bongs come sliding to this beauty. It’s more common to see an in-line oil rig then one with a drop pipe, and this means that you can put a perc at the base as standard, this guy is no exception. A helix perc is designed to split the smoke you draw and increase surface area, thus catalysing the cooling.

This guy is a recycler too, so some ingenious glasswork means the water also gets swooshed around and stays cooler, mix that with your perc and you’ll hardly choke on a fat hit. The shape of the bong also means that when the water comes up into the top section, it swirls in a whirlpool giving you a pleasing effect.

The recycler system gives more water contact with your vapour, helping to disperse the heat as well as minimising the amount of air in the bong. This helps to stop the vapour going stale, bringing out the full potential of your concentrate.

Read more:–iceman-recycler-oil-bong-38904/