White Widow Cannabis Strain Information Feature

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White Widow was bred by Greenhouse Seeds Company in the early 90s.

It won 1st place in both the Bio and Cannabis Cup at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Named for the sheer abundance of trichomes that can appear on the plant, which give it a white tint, it reportedly has up to 20% THC.

We first covered White Widow back in 2016 – this is a screenshot from that now deleted video!

White Widow is a (60%/40%) indica/sativa cross strain. It is best suited to indoor cannabis cultivation, growing 35-80 cm high, and with a yield up to 450 gr per m2.

Organic White Widow, White Widow Cannabis Strain Information Feature
Photo source: Sensi Seeds

Type : Hybrid
Genetics : Brazilian Landrace and South Indian.
Flowering Time : Medium
Outdoor Harvest : October
Height : Tall
THC Level : Up to 20%
Characteristics : Strong indica feeling, with a creepy sativa high to complement the effect.

The White Widow cannabis strain is one of our favourites for smoking during the daytime!

Bud Facts

White Widow | Bud Facts from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

Strain Review

Jumping straight into the review then, my thoughts on Organic White Widow are as follows:


This phenotype retained its bud structure – the imported version I had last December has lost some structure (and a lot of trichomes), maybe due to being compacted/vacuum-sealed.

The organic White Widow sample I’m covering today is dense and well-developed, showing strong genetics.

Organic White Widow, White Widow Cannabis Strain Information Feature

The bud sample itself is nicely-sized, weighing in at approx 2.2g. It’s a light-green colour and has a reasonably good trim job. There are wildly apparent pistils with distinct copper colouration dotted around this sample in so much abundance that I cannot remove any more of the leaf without pulling multiple pistils away with it.


This sample has earthy, woody notes that make it smell rather old school in relation to a lot of today’s modern strains.

This organic White Widow also has a bit of an interestingly sweet aroma; it is the sweetest phenotype of this strain I’ve smelt, reminding me slightly of a haze cross.

When broken/ground up the bud produces a lovely pungency that makes me excited to get some into my bong to consume!


Hitting this through my bong, at first I didn’t notice too much of the smoothness I usually associate with organic bud, perhaps due to a contaminant in the bowl.

However, during the second hit, I notice the familiar wood flavour that had become apparent smelling this sample. I got a much nicer smoke through the second inhalation – very old school tasting, woody, earthy (not so much sweetness in taste).


White Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid, delivering 60% indica to 40% sativa and often up to 20% THC.

It won the High Times Cannabis Cup and Bio Cup in 1995, and has stood the test of time, still readily available in 2017 alongside many of its descendants – those are some good genetics!

I feel the relaxation hitting first, alongside some cerebral effects but this phenotype is noticeably less uplifting than a lot of the strains I’ve smoked recently.

My body feels good, but it’s not coming with the joy I usually get as the bong kicks in.


That being said, I still enjoyed it a lot – it’s great to be able to sample an organic expression of one of my favourite classic cannabis strains and to once again enjoy those old school Amsterdam genetics!

Organic White Widow, White Widow Cannabis Strain Information Feature

With great bud structure and smell, this strain is certainly one to keep an eye out for. And grown in the UK, this phenotype of White Widow gets good marks from me.

Watch our review below

White Widow Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

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