What’s going on with medical cannabis in the UK?

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Over the past week we have seen an incredible amount of positive press around medical cannabis in the UK.

From Billy Caldwell getting back his life-saving medicine and both him and Alfie Dingley being granted medical licenses to the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid issuing a statement talking about how they will adopt a new policy on cannabis as medicine.

“In the short term, the Policing Minister announced yesterday that the government will be establishing an expert panel of clinicians to advise ministers on any applications to prescribe cannabis-based medicines.

This is intended to ensure that advice to ministers on licensing in these cases is clinically led, based firmly upon medical evidence and is as swift as possible.

The chief medical officers across the UK have been actively working together already, and the expert panel will be able to start considering applications within a week.

Earlier today, the Policing Minister also spoke to Alfie Dingley’s mum Hannah Deacon, and informed her that we will issue a licence for Alfie later today.” – Home Office Secretary statement 19th June 2018

In today’s video filmed for the ISMOKE YouTube channel, I discuss some of the events taking place at the moment which are paving the way towards medical cannabis legalisation in the UK.

Time will tell how much changes from these developments, but it is clear that public outcry is what acted as a catalyst to ensure Billy got access to his medicine which promoted this change in discussion.

We hope every medical cannabis patient gets legal access to their medicine sooner rather than later.

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