Welcome to ISMOKE

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Hey ISMOKE readers,

Great to be back. You may remember us signing off a few years ago to focus on ISMOKE Magazine, but we’ve decided to split ISMOKE into two distinctive sites.

ISMOKEHERB is a Cannabis & Stoner Lifestyle Blog, where you can read cool things about weed, cannabis travel tips, cannabis photography, stoner music and more.

ISMOKE Magazine is focused on the political movement worldwide for medicinal and recreational cannabis. Over there you’ll find cannabis news, updates on legalisation in various countries worldwide, medicinal cannabis tips and other stuff. ake sure you add that to your favourites too!

, Welcome to ISMOKE, ISMOKE

We’re still working on the rebranding, so the site will be going through some changes over the next few weeks, but we thought it was important to get the content back online as quickly as possible.

We used to be known as The Voice For Cannabis Users Nationwide.

Now we hope to be more than that, bringing cannabis education to the masses through the power of the internet. Join us on our journey!