Up next in our Extract review series we take a look at Wee Buns, bred by Hemp Northern Ireland and Extracted by Bear Extracts.

This strain combines Watermelon ZkittleZ X Mac, and the sample in front of us has been extracted using butane and whipped into a form of extract known as badder.

, Wee Buns Badder, ISMOKE

Light and fluffy, baddy has a greasy vicious look, but is a very good consistency to dab as the light texture makes it easy to handle with a dab tool.

The terps are also present in this particularly volatile extract which has less stability than in its previous wax form.

, Wee Buns Badder, ISMOKE

This particular extract tastes like candied fruit, but with no direct ZkittleZ flavour perceived. MAC is either lemon or meaty and this leans towards the latter, but away from anything Watermelon-related.

The dab delivers a smooth, sweet and syrupy vapour through the dab rig.

, Wee Buns Badder, ISMOKE

The high is heavy, kicking in with body-led effects that were also on the strong side. Due to the strength, this kicks in after only a few minutes.

Overall, the Wee Buns extract is an enjoyable dab. Good marks for this both in terms of the extract itself and the high it delivers.

Watch our video featuring Wee Buns below, or alternatively here on our YouTube channel