We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

Milton Keynes CSC

We recently attended Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club’s first open drop-in education and membership sign-up evening. MKCSC is one of over a hundred Cannabis clubs currently active in the UK.

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

“We are a group of like-minded individuals standing up against prohibition, and working towards a more progressive and evidence-based cannabis policy in the UK by bringing local communities together. Our members are a mixture of active and inactive cannabis advocates, people wanting education about Cannabis, and those who want more information and safe access to a more regulated market” – MKCSC

The event took place on Thursday 7th June and started at 7 pm. The later starting time ensured a good turnout. The event offered the public of Milton Keynes their first look at the club and access to plenty of educational literature and the opportunity to converse with activists from across the United Kingdom.

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

They included special guest speakers Greg de Hoedt the founder of the UKCSC, John from Canna Coffee House, Hampshire Cannabis Community chairman Sy Dignam, Aggs of Brighton Cannabis Club, myself (Simpa Carter) representing Durham City Cannabis Club and MKCSC chairwoman Ally Bee who organised what turned out to be a rather successful evening.

The event was attended by a wide and diverse demographic, young and old, male and female, veteran consumers and novices, People seeking to use cannabis as a medicine and those simply seeking to learn more about our oldest companion species.

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

The event took place in a community-run cafe called Bar Bar Black Sheep which is a part of the Black Sheep Collective. Their below mission statement gives you a good idea of the kind of vibes to be found at the independent Café:

“Drawing on our individual arts practices, those of our associates and our shared creative drives, we nurture bold expressions of creativity often defying conformity. We believe in breaking new ground and using the arts as a means to reduce barriers and foster the development of creative community”

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

It’s great to see local enterprises supporting MKCSC and the cannabis community by permitting the club to hold monthly drop-in centres, allowing the general public to pop in and get educated in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with like-minded individuals while getting their coffee!

As the evening got underway several of the attendees were sat outside the front of the cafe openly and LEGALLY consuming CBD rich Cannabis. Joints were shared freely as guests and speakers mingled and chatted about our favourite plant and the potential for a regulated legal market where consumers are free to grow and share their own cannabis without fear of detention or incarceration at the hands of the UK authorities.

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

Ultimately, the evening was a roaring success! MKCSC chair, Ally Bee should be proud of how well the evening went. This is something that few clubs in the UK (DCCC included) have managed to achieve.

I look forward to attending many more events hosted by Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club.

The future of Cannabis social clubs are in good hands and growing from strength to strength.

, We attended the MKCSC drop-in event June 2018

Words by Simpa Carter
Photos by Zak Everett