The Ways We Enjoy Cannabis

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It’s no longer as simple as settling down at the end of the day with your cannabis and some rolling papers. Things have changed and in a glorious way. The journey cannabis culture has come on to get to where it is now is astonishing. But that’s another story for another day. Today I want to discuss the whole variety of ways we smoke and ingest our weed on a daily basis. All over the world people have taken to smoking in more inventive and intricate ways. It’s clear that the love of weed is more or less global and it’s in our instinct to really appreciate good herb in the best ways possible. For the majority of smokers out there it really was as simple as a rolling paper and lighter. While that is still probably the most common method (along with pipes) of which we enjoy our green around the world, a growing number are choosing to branch out.

I’ll start out with probably one of the fastest growing methods. Eating and drinking. More and more people are coming up with amazing recipes which include our favourite herb. Sweet and savoury snack recipes can be found all over the internet and more and more are showing up thanks to people sharing their delicious recipes. We all know the all common bud brownies but if you’re feeling something a little less sweet, there are recipes which allow you to combine it with pizzas, toast and even baked potatoes, along with many more crazy ways. You can blend it into a butter and use it with almost anything, including drinks like coffees and teas. The possibilities really are endless and it’s a treat to see all the new recipes popping up all over the internet. Many people prefer the high from eat to smoking and I have to admit I agree. The high takes longer to kick in but I always find it so much smoother and more relaxing, not to mention it lasts so much longer. I love waking up to a morning cannabutter tea on my day off and by midday I’m at my peak and loving every minute of it. I’d say if you’ve do appreciate marijuana and want to make the best of it, you must try consuming it with food at least once.

Now we’ve got food out the way, let’s have a quick glance at some of the smoking methods we all enjoy. We’ve all tried smoking with papers or blunts, but have we smoked with a paper in the shape of a unicorn’s head? Or an X-Wing from Star Wars? These are some of the things people are coming out with. Again, thanks to the internet more people are sharing their weird and wonderful designs. Nowadays it’s easy to find tutorials for rolling these mad designs so we can all try them out at home. That is if you can be bothered. I’ve always personally thought they may look great, but I’d like to see them attempt to smoke it. Some look more paper than weed but they are impressive non the less.

Now we can’t forget the fan favourite of so many people across the globe. The bong. The bong has managed to make it’s way into homes of many people in many countries. It’s really not hard to see why. The inventive and wonderful designs many bongs come in now are truly something to be admired. They now come with all kinds of little neat additions like ice notches, where you position ice cubes which help cool your smoke to give you a smoother toke. Percolators, to help filter and smoothen the smoke even more. As well as the practical advantages these kind of things have, they also add to the overall appearance. Most people really do prefer relaxing with a bong rather than a pipe or joint. From a personal point of view I’d have to say I prefer eating and smoking joints to enjoy my cannabis. But I completely sympathise with the bong fans and I enjoy a good bong hit as much as the next person. However it’s just too inconvenient for every day use and they aren’t exactly portable. So it’s clear to see cannabis culture is evolving and along with it, the ways in which we consume it.

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By Jacob