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Wasdale Trip 2020

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Earlier this month we headed back to the Lake District for a follow-up getaway to our November trip to Black Sail Lodge.

, Wasdale Trip 2020

Wasdale is an area of the Lake District located just 5 miles away from Black Sail that is equally as stunning as where we stayed last time, with mountainous hills overlooking clear waters and fells to climb as far as the eye can see.

, Wasdale Trip 2020

This time, however, actually getting to the accommodation was a lot simpler, as it didn’t require a six-mild trek and instead had roadside access.

The lodge we stayed in ‘YSA Wasdale’ is a Youth Hostel in season (March-November) but can be hired privately for the rest of the year, in a similar setup to what we got with Black Sail Lodge.

, Wasdale Trip 2020

Picture a huge 19th Century building with 8 rooms, a big kitchen and plenty of space around the place plus a basement games room.

It is worth mentioning here that we didn’t pre-plan to stay somewhere with a smoke-friendly environment, instead leaving it up to chance, which usually pays off. All of us prefer dabbing to smoking, and this makes things a lot easier as dabbing is technically vaping.

Last time we had the place to ourselves, but in YSA Wasdale there were actually two staff members living there with us. It didn’t become an issue however, due to that games room basement with ventilation, so that is where we set up the session.

, Wasdale Trip 2020

Being tucked away didn’t stop the fire alarms going off after the literal first dab though! But this was quickly remedied with a glove over the fire alarm and a quick apology to the staff member who beat me to turn the alarms off.

And then there were some serious flavours and extracts to enjoy!

, Wasdale Trip 2020

As well as the solid sessions, on day 2 we went out on a walk (see video for footage) but we were halted by extreme weather conditions when we came across the strongest wind I’ve ever experienced in my life, so we turned back after a couple of hours and returned to the warmth of the lodge for some more dabbing.

We had picked a week to visit where the UK was being battered by storms, and the weather conditions were so rough we didn’t see many other walkers out during our trip, but we still had a great time at YSA Wasdale.

, Wasdale Trip 2020

Looking forward to the next one!

You can watch our trip video filmed at Wasdale 2020 below.

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