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Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 12]

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Thanks for joining me for another Wake and Bake session! This week I’m taking a look at two cannabis strains  – Blue Dream and Chemdawg, plus a couple of important ISMOKE updates.

I hadn’t smoked this batch of Blue Dream yet as I had been waiting for it to cure. Blue Dream was one of our favourite cannabis strains last year after we reviewed it on ISMOKE, so I was excited to open up this sample early for the video.

The Chemdawg featured is the same batch as I reviewed last week. I’ve been smoking this strain for a little while and haven’t lost interest in this old school classic yet! Make sure you check out our review if you haven’t already.

Watch Episode 12 of Wake and Bake with Tyler Green below:

We are also heading to Spannabis for the weekend, so the videos may be disrupted from Friday, but we’ll be back with some Spannabis-themed content for your enjoyment the following week.

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