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Wake and Bake With Tyler Green [Episode 5]

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Good morning ISMOKE! Join us as we kick off another week with a wake and bake session featuring ISMOKE founder Tyler Green.

Hi guys, and thanks for joining me once again for another ISMOKE Wake and Bake Session. As it is episode 5 of the series, I felt i fitting to include S5 Haze, a clone-only strain from The Netherlands, apparently.

Wake and bake episode 5, Wake and Bake With Tyler Green [Episode 5]
S5 Haze

I’ve also been smoking through some Berry Haze which has a lovely fruity flavour – of course, that’s included in this week’s video, along with another great and familar strain – Stardawg (probably not the best idea for a wake and bake).

Wake and bake episode 5, Wake and Bake With Tyler Green [Episode 5]
Berry Haze

Last, but not least, I also sampled some Florida Lemon which I will take you through in Episode 5 of our wake and bake sessions.

Tyler Green

Watch the video below:

Our Wake and Bake Sessions are released every Monday at 7:30am GMT. You can subscribe via our youtube channel.

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You can view our playlist of Wake and Bake Sessions here:

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