Product Earth Expo, now in its 4th year, attracts people from all over the Hemp & Cannabis industry and across the UK, Europe and beyond with people exhibiting from as far away as the United States where many states already have legal access.

About the Expo

The expo this year was split into two arenas which were located in separate conjoined buildings, with one focused on hydroponic gardening and the other on the UK hemp, CBD and Cannabis Industry. There was a central courtyard in the middle of the event with many stalls outside in addition to those filling out the expo rooms.

The Emerald Cup was in attendance partnering with Product Earth to deliver some talks including one by legendary hash maker Frenchi Cannoli.

Also hosted at Product Earth this year was the sixth annual European Functional Flame Off, an event by Danish Headshop Smoking Gear, in which Glass Artists from across the world compete head to head for borosilicate glory.

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Product Earth Expo Stalls

Last time I attended Product Earth was back in 2016 when it took place in Peterborough, and the event this year in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, reminded me fondly that expo which I remember I found particularly inspiring due to seeing the scale of the industry for the first time.

There were thousands of attendees dropping by over two days for this year’s expo, with trade staff on site for 3-5 days depending on the size of their stall and prep required to get everything ready.

I heard that the expo was open to businesses on Friday and included some talks then, but the expo officially kicked off on Saturday which was the first day I attended.

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Talks took place all weekend, including a UK Activists chat featuring Greg De Hoedt, Gary Youds, Simpa Carter, Phil, Callie and Aggs (pictured above).

Clark French also gave a talk on cannabis for the United Patients Alliance at the event. They organised the Patients At Parliament Protests with Paul North who passed away recently after decades of campaigning for cannabis laws to be relaxed.

Many guests camped at this year’s Product Earth. The camping area consisted of a field with access to toilets and hot showers and was about a 5-minute walk from the expo.

A cool thing about Product Earth was that everything happening throughout the weekend took place on one big massive site, which also included a separate main stage arena, and even a restaurant which I had a Roast Dinner from on the last day of the event.

This main stage area opened as the expo finished both days, allowing the crowd into the music arena which I thought wwas a good idea logistically. I couldn’t fault the venue space – it all just seemed right for the expo with plenty of space for visitors to get around but also all the amenities needed to enjoy the weekend.

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My Trip

Arriving on Friday, the night before Product Earth kicked off, I set my tent up amongst a group of friends and proceeded to have the first session of the weekend. Security on site was pleasant, and they went around making sure people didn’t have BBQs which could scorch the grass.

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We had a stunning weekend for weather, with the sun shining down all Saturday and Sunday and zero rain. It felt like it hit 30 degrees both days, hotter than at Spannabis, so shade was essential. Fortunately, lots of the expo was inside so the heat was not too much of an issue, but it did get hot in there!

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Product Earth 2019 Camping Ground

Throughout the weekend talks were happening in multiple seminar zones for people to learn about cannabis and how those in the industry have been inspired to set up various businesses and organisations. Dropping by over the two days I saw talks by Ben from Ecothrive, Gregg from UKCSC, WTU, Clark French, Callie Blackwell and many more.

European Flame Off

The European Flame Off was located across the courtyard in a huge warehouse building with an industrial feel that felt right for a functional glassblowing competition.

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Hive Glass came third in judges choice and first in people’s choice at this year’s Flame Off with his bee in a frame piece which was stunningly symmetrical and made great use of colour and technique.

And of course, many businesses were at Product Earth exhibiting their goods, services or brands to network with other businesses (b2b) and consumers (b2c) in attendance. Rather than get a stand I always like to remain free to walk around the Expo throughout the weekend, as this allows me to plan and film my content and meet others who are exhibiting. This year there were plenty of community brands with stands and the different spaces to chill made for a great weekend.

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There were smoke and dabs in abundance, with some of the best breeders and growers from around the Country showing me top strains, new flavours and new products. I tried several new strains like Haribo and Footloose and some familiar favourites like Alien Cookies (predator cut). I dabbed Bear.710 extracts and smoked tasty no-till flowers grown in living soil by Devcal and RoadRunner.

For growers attending Product Earth, there were lots of new seeds and exclusive drops, including the Dank Hunters Seeds Co. Cherry Cola reviewed by this channel earlier this year, which came out on Pure Sativa this summer.

There were several food options, and I found plenty of vegan things to eat including a Mexican plate, Chips, Jacket Potato & beans, snacks and even a Roast Dinner which a group of us got from the farm cafe on the final day of Product Earth.

I got a chance to demo the dabbing process on Sunday, helping some people with tips on how to best enjoy a dab which is a cinch once you know it, but can look daunting to somebody who isn’t used to a Big Shot Blow Torch. We dabbed on some Pink Panties by Sky Sports Extracts, a popular extract I have filmed with recently.

It was good to meet several new watchers of the channel, something I always enjoy. I also spoke with Urban Remo who many of you will know from his own successful YouTube channel and nutrients brand. And I caught up with many friends, new and old who I usually see at these sorts of events.

Once again the whole weekend flew by, with both days feeling like they were gone in a blink as I remained busy throughout the day, usually only stopping for smoke breaks, to eat or to top up on water.

During the evenings there were smoke sessions in abundance at the campsite and plenty to do with more food stalls in the main arena and music until 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

There were good vibes all around all weekend, and I would highly recommend you attend an event like Product Earth to get a flavour for the UK cannabis industry that already exists, what is to be post-legalisation and the huge community of people including myself that already live like it’s legal.

Product Earth is on the larger scale of the cannabis industry events spectrum, with some smaller events typically attracting 50-100 guests. At the Product Earth expo, you’ll find thousands of attendees from across the world of cannabis, and most are looking to grow their name in the industry and capitalise on the green rush that is inevitably to come. This is the UK’s answer to Spannabis, and I will be back for more good times next year!

Thanks to the Product Earth team for hosting us and putting on a thoroughly enjoyable event.

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