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Visiting Hampshire Canna Headshop & Information Drop-in Centre

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Earlier this week we traveled to visit Sy and Perry from Hampshire Cannabis Community in their new retail location on London Road, Portsmouth.

Hampshire Canna Headshop, Visiting Hampshire Canna Headshop & Information Drop-in Centre

This headshop sells glassware for smoking, vaping and dabbing, alongside CBD products, merchandise and offers cannabinoid information for people visiting.

Walking into the shop the space feels great, with the well-presented items in display cabinets along the walls, plus plenty of space for patrons to browse.

You’ll find not only good glass there from the likes of Chongz, JaXX and even UK Glass artists, but you’ll also find some good deals, such as their e-nail + travel kits at £149 (I paid £300 for my e-nail).

Hampshire Canna Headshop, Visiting Hampshire Canna Headshop & Information Drop-in Centre

They have a range of Cannabidiol products spanning several brands, but are most excited about their range of Pure CBD Products which includes oil, muscle salve and vegan gluten-free CBD edibles with several cannabinoids in them. You can see some of these products in our video feature at the bottom of this page.

It was great to visit and to see what Sy has done with the place – and great that Portsmouth has a location for people to visit for cannabinoid info, so be sure to head there for a CBD coffee and a CBD dab if you are in the area!

For the past 8 years Sy has been active in the cannabis community, running cannabis awareness events which happen annually on Eastney Beach – this year is no different, follow Hampshire Canna and bookmark the CC guide here event updates. A couple of years ago we interviewed him on this channel, and you can watch that and read the transcript here.

You can also find our list of articles about Hampshire Cannabis Community events here.

Watch our new video filmed in the Hampshire Canna shop below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more event + travel videos here.

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