Vaping And Sustainability - How To Avoid Harming Environment

Vaping And Sustainability – How To Avoid Harming Environment

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It is no secret that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is harming both health and the environment. Every cigarette leaves a filter that is made using non-biodegradable materials. Additionally, people tend to forget that something so small can be a real environmental menace, and they throw it away on the street. Even growing tobacco raises the issue of deforestation, monocropping and ecological degradation.

On the other hand, you may think that vaping does not contribute to those issues. E-cigarettes are a much better choice if you want to go green. However, vaping can cause environmental issues even that cigarette smokers have not previously encountered. Below, you can find a list of things you can do to make sure that your vaping is as sustainable as it can be. 

Reduce Single-Use Devices

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On the market, you can find many different e-cigarette devices. In stores like Vapekit, you can find everything, from disposable vape pens to advanced vape kits. If you are a frequent vaper, you may want to think about spending more money on a single, more advanced device and reduce the number of plastics you throw away daily.

Many people claim that they use disposables because of the nicotine salts. They don’t like freebase nicotine which is most commonly found in regular liquids. Fortunately, the industry’s evolution has seen to it that now, you can purchase nicotine salts e-liquids you can buy to fill your reusable devices. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Buying more expensive devices is not only a matter of quality. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, make sure that the vape kit you buy will last for a long time. Buying from known brands with a good track record can reduce the frequency with which you need to replace your device. Remember that quality kits can guarantee you longer service, so you won’t need to purchase a new one every few months. 

If you want to reduce the overall carbon emissions, you can also think about buying liquids produced in the UK. It will help you and the environment by cutting shipping costs and reducing the need to transport products overseas. Additionally, by doing this, you can also help to promote local businesses. 

Save Power

You may think that e-cigarettes are so small that they don’t use much power, so there is no need to turn them off. On the other hand, think about all vape users and how much energy would be saved if they were aware of the environmental impact. By turning off your device entirely while not using it, you can both save power and prolong your battery life. Leaving it on a stand-by mode is not the best option possible. Similarly, you should try to charge only until it reaches full capacity, rather than leaving it overnight. This not only promotes conserving the energy, but it doesn’t put a strain on the battery, so you won’t risk overcharging it. 

Rebuild Coils

A few years ago, when vapes were relatively new devices, people were overburning their coils so they can use them again and again. Now, technology has changed, so coils have to be different and more powerful. Fortunately, there are still ways in which you can save on your coils and make them by yourself. Instead of buying new, premade ones, you have to throw away the wire and replace it with the new one. You just need to purchase some wire and cotton, so you save both your money and materials. 

, Vaping And Sustainability – How To Avoid Harming Environment, ISMOKE


The biggest problem with vape devices is that people tend to throw away the parts and empty liquid boxes to the nearest garbage can. The most significant hazard is lithium-ion batteries used to power your device. As they degrade, they leach chemicals into the environment, so if they are put in a regular bin, they can pose a risk of fire damage in both waste and recycling facilities. 

The same goes for e-liquids. Nicotine is a hazardous waste. Did you know that it is classified as a neurotoxin? Both vape devices and liquid boxes can leak lead, cobalt, and other substances into the environment in toxic amounts. It can accumulate in the soil, water, and animals, causing contamination, disease, and even death. That’s why it is so important to dispose of all e-waste properly. 


As you can see, vaping has both positive and negative sides when it comes to the environment. It is vital to think about how much impact our actions can have on the world we live in. For many people changing their habits is a small thing, but added up this could significantly affect the state of the planet. 

If you take some measures and spread awareness, you can do your bit to help keep the Earth in the best shape possible. Always remember to unplug your chargers, recyclable materials and purchase locally. A sustainable life is not as hard as many people think. Be responsible and protect nature as well as you can!

, Vaping And Sustainability – How To Avoid Harming Environment, ISMOKE

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