Upcoming public event hosted by Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club

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One of the highlights of our experience at Green Pride was meeting other new Cannabis clubs inspired by what the UKCSC has achieved in places like Durham and Teesside. One of the new ones we met was Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club. We hit it off pretty quickly with their leadership members who were delighted to be reminded that I was the guy who got a clear brain scan fighting brain cancer in the BBC Three documentary Dying For Weed.

What was brilliant for me meeting people who had seen the documentary in the past was how I could put some meat on the bones of exactly how I managed it and go onto achieve another 7 clear scan results and outlive my prognosis.

Green pride was also an essential event for us in Wrexham Cannabis Social Club. It gave us all a chance to see what’s possible when you work hard to turn a town green and both the local council and communities on your side.

This is going to be a major focus in Wrexham in the near future by conducting outreach interviews in the town centre, engaging with local grassroots political organizations such as Momentum who have been very supportive of our goals.

One such goal inspired by what we experienced at Green pride was having access to Brighton Cannabis Social Clubs, private venue in the evening after Green Pride. It’s worth noting that the progressive and openly humanistic atmosphere had carried over from Preston Park to their club where we were lucky enough to meet with the brilliant DGCSC again.

Their chairmen Tim Rees, invited us to their event on the 25th of August to help support the event with my story of using cannabis to manage brain cancer and why I am now on a mission to help anyone else on team humanity beat this awful disease and many other inflammatory based illnesses that can be managed in a superior way to whatever the pharmaceutical industry can offer.

, Upcoming public event hosted by Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club, ISMOKE

So on the 25th, I will be there now we have moved back the date for our own event in Wrexham to get our membership packs sorted. Like DGCSC, we have the same values as the UKCSC in terms of removing cannabis from the criminal cash crop market and applying safe regulation with adult only clubs up and down the country to change the supply of cannabis to be of superior medical quality compared to what the government created black market has provided.

It will be a pleasure to attend this event with whoever I can bring from North Wales and to provide a short talk on my own experience and why I have so much faith in the future for all UKCSC clubs.

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Phil James
Wrexham Cannabis Social Club

Phil James is a 32-year-old 3D Artist from Coventry who featured on BBC Three's 2016 documentary Dying for Weed. When he was 30, he was diagnosed with grade 3 brain cancer and told he would only have 2 years to live.

He is here today on a mission to help this community save more lives and to praise this gift from the heavens called Cannabis.

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