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Upcoming Event: Dead Fox Cup 2018

2 mins read

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been judging the Dead Fox Collective’s Dead Fox Cup 2018 with the winners due to be announced at a private event at the end of the week.

This event will take place in a secret location somewhere in the UK.

Two categories make up this year’s cup, and I was given the opportunity to be a judge, marking various extracts on their appearance, aroma, taste, cleanness and effects.

The judges this year had their work cut out for them, and all entries to this year’s cup were incredibly high standard. Marks range from 0-50, with the more average extracts hitting around the 38+ mark.

, Upcoming Event: Dead Fox Cup 2018, ISMOKE

We will be producing a vlog with updates from throughout the judging period including my thoughts along the way, as well as some content live from the Dead Fox Cup itself.

In today’s video, filmed for our YouTube channel last week, you can get an insight into what it is like to be a judge of a cannabis cup (spoiler alert: I love it)

Since filming this video last week I have finished off both the samples and judging, and have my final scores ready to collate with the other judges.

I’m looking forward to attending the event at the end of this week and I’ll keep you updated with the Dead Fox Cup 2018.

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