United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs – It’s Time For Britain To Regulate Cannabis

The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs are a big part of the UK Cannabis movement.

Cannabis Clubs allow members to meet and share the benefits of cannabis collectively in a private setting, and since 2011 they have been gaining popularity all across the UK.

In this video, Smokers Guide talks to Greg de Hoedt, Chairman of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs about legalisation and regulation of cannabis in the UK.

We first connected with Greg de Hoedt after hearing his cannabis podcasts back in 2010. Greg is a medicinal cannabis user and uses cannabis to treat Crohn’s Disease, for which it has proven medicinal benefits.

We sat down with Greg to discuss the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs, his thoughts on the laws surrounding cannabis and more in an exclusive ISMOKE interview which you can read here.


Are you a member of your local cannabis club?

Watch our video – Is there a UK Cannabis club in YOUR area below: