United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs Support Your Right To Grow Cannabis

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, United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs Support Your Right To Grow Cannabis, ISMOKE

Here is a new meme by our friends over at United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. They’re helping make cannabis clubs all over the UK a reality and like ISMOKE they’re fighting for your right to use cannabis legally in the UK both medicinally and recreationally.

Please share the image across social media if you support the cause. Below is a statement from UKCSC:

We support your right to grow your own cannabis at home.

It shouldn’t matter to your neighbors or the police or the Home Office what herbs you grow in the privacy of your own homes or why you grow them. If you aren’t hurting anyone, why as a consenting adult must you have your door kicked down in an attempt to humiliate you and brand you as a criminal for watering a plant and using the dried end product to relax with or enhance your experience of life with?

Does a person have to be sick to be able to use cannabis? Or to grow it? Should that even be an issue? What about a Government licence? Should people really have to go to that length of trouble? Do the Government need that level of added bureaucracy? NO! Save that for GW Pharmaceuticals who are growing it for profit. The two worlds can happily co-exist.

We’re going to put it plain and simple…


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