UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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In this episode we took a look at UGORG #1 by Underground Originals, an indica-dominant cheese cross.

This strain combines UK Cheese with UGORG Blues, and the predominant flavour resembles classic cheese strains.


This sample has an old school look and feel, with solid green tones.

The buds are less dense than some indica strains, and has an interesting structure with some of the calyxes even fox-tailing.

, UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This smells delicious – super pungent, cheesy – like skunk No.1.

Smells like Exodus Cheese meets another cheese strain!


This sample tastes great through the bong, delivering smooth smoke characteristic of the pungent flavour.

The vapour is smooth and tasty, but I prefer the smoke from this one!

Less terpy than some modern strains, instead super pungent, tastes great.

, UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This is body-led high but also makes me feel very cheerful, the UGORG #1 delivers a good daytime high for the experienced user.

You’ll feel giggly, happy and uplifted as well as relaxed.

, UGORG #1 Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Overall UGORG #1 is an enjoyable smoke. I like the old school look, feel and taste and the high is reminiscent of what I love about cheese with a happy, relaxing stone.