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Tyler Green Show Episodes 1-10 Online Now

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You can now watch the entire series of our weekly live show which aired over the past 10 weeks over on our YouTube channel.

The Tyler Green show featured myself as host, and I covered a variety of topics, featuring cannabis in the news, a live review and a giveaway in an hour-long broadcast airing 5-6 pm every Friday.

Below you can find each episode of the show embedded with details about the topics covered!

Our new show The Green Stream continues over on Instagram throughout the month of April and will return to YouTube soon – subscribe and turn on notifications to keep up-to-date with all streams and videos on the channel.

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Episode 1

Aired 31st Jan 2020

Topics covered:

Strain Reviews 2019 Series – top notable strains ft. Runtz, Peach Schnapps, Yeti OG, Ginger Glue

Different consumption methods – Which are your favorite and why?

Live Review featuring Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake X Gelato) by seed junky genetics

Giveaway Question: which cartoon character inflated his balls to get medical marijuana? A. Randy from South Park (Stans Dad)

Episode 2

Aired 7th Feb 2020

Topics Covered:

Sick man busted twice in 6 weeks for growing now faces prosecution
Link: http://bit.ly/tonycornwall

420 news show on facebook hosted by Rocky Benderskum http://bit.ly/420news1

Smoking in the home – where do you smoke and have you had any issues? Talk about the neutralizer

Live Review Section ft. Wedding Cake by seed junky genetics

Giveaway question: Which famous cannabis consumer would have been 75 yesterday? A. Bob Marley

Episode 3

Aired 14th Feb 2020

Topics Covered

Cannabis oil products ‘could be off the shelves in a year’

CBD infused restaurant owner charged with intent to supply cannabis

How trade shows have been hit hard by coronavirus

Will Amsterdam ban foreign visitors from buying weed?

Live review – peach oz by devcal – Dying Breeds Seeds

Giveaway question: What is the dabber’s version of 420? A. 710

Episode 4

Aired 21st Feb 2020

Topics Covered

2 dead after cannabis grow robbery

The top police chief in birmingham now talking about going after cannabis farm wars

Live review ft. LA Kush Cake by Bear 710

Episode 5

Aired 28th Feb 2020

Topics Covered

LAX airport to allow marijuana in carry-ons

Cannabis-loving couple have weed wedding with fully-stocked cannabis bar and edibles
Astronomers detect biggest explosion in the history of the Universe
Another look at the Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain

Giveaway Question: Traces of cannabis were discovered in pipes recovered from who’s home in Stratford-upon-Avon? Shakespeare

Episode 6

Aired 6th March 2020

Faster access to cannabis-based medicines as import restrictions are changed
Patients prescribed cannabis-based medicines will be able to get their treatment in days rather than months.

Cannabis and coronavirus: what you need to know

Live review – Road Dawg

Giveaway Question: Cannabis was used by the ancient Hindus of India and Nepal thousands of years ago and it was called what in Sanskrit?
A: Ganjika

Episode 7

Aired 20th March 2020

Woodies CBD Vape Pen demo live

Cannabis panic buyers were queueing round the block in the Netherlands to stock up on weed before a nationwide shut down.

Cannabis sales soar in California

Cannabis dispensaries listed as essential businesses under L.A. County coronavirus order

Is Smoking Marijuana Dangerous? A Scientific Review Of Cannabis Smoking And Lung Cancer – Compared To Tobacco

Givaway: What solvent is commonly used to make cannabis extract? Answer Question: butane

Episode 8

Aired 27th March 2020

UKCSC Message re: COVID-19

Cannabis street prices surge under coronavirus lockdown in France

Leefy layoff over 90 staff

Live review ft. Orange Slush X Gelato

Giveway Question: What is the well known from of solventless cannabis extract called? A. Rosin

Episode 9

Aired 3rd April 2020

Woman flouts isolation rules to stockpile cannabis

A woman disobeyed coronavirus measures in order to stockpile enough cannabis to last her a week, police said.
The unnamed offender was seen acting suspiciously in her car by an officer who was on patrol in Birkenhead.
The woman explained she “had been out to buy cannabis to last her for the next week”, Merseyside Police said.
“She was dealt with for the offence and the cannabis was seized. Maybe she should have followed the guidelines and stayed at home,” a spokesman added. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-52138171

This follows last week when a man in Wales who was pulled over said he was on his way to buy essential cannabis.
In canada cannabis is declared essentail. Same with dutch coffeeshops. Maybe they shouldn’t interrupt supply and logistics if they want people to follow advice as if they confiscated it from me I’d be out getting more.

New Zealand has now launched its Medical Cannabis Scheme that will help patients gain better access to cannabis medicines.

New Study Shows Cannabis Could Help with Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Japan sees record 4,300 cannabis offenders in 2019

Live review ft. Rainbow BeltZ

Giveaway Question: What is the name of the little orange hairs found on un-pollinated cannabis flowers? A. Pistils

Episode 10

Aired 10th April 2020

Tributes to black the ripper

Tributes to Charlotte figi who died at 13


Marijuana usage reaches a new high after pot smokers stocked up on cannabis last month as coronarivus lockdowns went into effect

Sales booming in the states

6 weird ways to consume cannabis

Live review ft. 3 OGs (Underdog x 2OG’s)

Giveaway Question: This is one for the people who have been watching my streams…what is the growing method I am always going on about? A. No-till

New Series?

I really enjoyed putting series one of this show together and look forward to launching series 2 in the coming months. This will be kicking off as soon as we hit our next milestone of 25 Patrons over on our Patreon page!

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