Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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In this episode we are looking at Tropic Heat bred by Inhouse Genetics. This strain combines OGKB X Purple Punch

I got my hands on this sample whilst visiting Scotland for The Highland Flames. It has been grown by Highland Fog Farms.

Tropic Heat, Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Good looking nugs with lots of trichomes, which gave this sample a frosted appearance with a lighter colour that glistened under the flash.

This sample was presented well, to the extent it looked boutique, with good bag appeal.

Strong pistils run through the bud, and this one had plenty of substance to it when pressed; it was not light and fluffy.


Tropic Heat, Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Tropical fruit notes give the Tropic Heat some distinction – and I got this in an aroma consisting of pineapple, mango and plum.

When I broke open the bud it was wonderfully pungent, leading me to think of skunk notes which interestingly did not carry over into the flavour.

It should be noted that this was not initially a strong smelling sample; however, when ground the smell became strong, deep and complex.


Tropic Heat, Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The Tropic Heat tasted best in a joint. I smoked it in a bong and vaped it in the Mighty, but the smooth taste presented itself best in joint form, where I was treated to tasty toke after toke, giving a good example of the fruity flavour without any harshness or bite.

The vapor was enjoyable – almost more floral than fruity, but still with that pineapple tinge and other fruit notes following. The bong was smooth but did not give me much of a taste.


Tropic Heat, Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, I got a good daytime stone, where I was still functional, yet relaxed and in a good mood.

This was not the sort of strain that makes the body feel good physically, but I did notice some slowing down of my thoughts. In fact, the high was refreshingly different from other india-led highs, with a mental relaxation more than a physical one.


Tropic Heat, Tropic Heat Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Overall, this was a well-grown and presented example of Inhouse Genetics’ Tropic Heat. It was a good smoke, with an excellent look to it, and a good smell once the bud was broken up. If I could only smoke this one way it would be in a joint, and I wouldn’t limit the time of day I smoked it either as I think it is a suitable smoke around the clock.

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