TROG – Stoner Art

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TROG is an artist who creates warped, deep cartoony art that quite simply blow the mind.  We came across TROG and straight away decided to feature some of his stoner art.

We spoke with TROG and asked him how he got into making these awesome dark images and he said: “just kicking it stoned on the couch man n drawing wack underground toons like started in around 1991 and never grew out of it I suppose – I suppose I was stoned n doing it then next thing years had passed and im still doing it and that’s kinda it.”

When asked about his influences, TROG has this to say: “my heads pretty fucked up man like the shit I got going thru it so probably just trying to vent some of that… n a few substances- yep”

This stuff is awesome, check it out:

, TROG – Stoner Art

, TROG – Stoner Art

, TROG – Stoner Art

There’s a lot more where that came from! Check out the gallery below for more images and you can find more when you like TROG on facebook here

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