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Medicinal Cannabis Summit To Be Held in Dublin This September

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We’re very excited to be going to the Trinity Summit on medicinal cannabis in Dublin in September thanks to our friends at Volteface.

The event will take place on Wednesday 14th September in Dublin, Ireland.

The Trinity Summit: Advancements in the Age of Cannabis will bring together world-class experts from science, public policy, business and campaigning to explore emerging new innovations in medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries, with socially conscious and technologically savvy businesses carving out their own market niches. A range of regulation models are developing in vastly different political contexts around the world and campaigners are engaging with the public through innovative new methods. How we think and talk about cannabis is changing radically. We will be looking at how a sweeping tide of regulation has created a market in the US, one that is forecast to grow from $7.1 billion this year to $22.8 billion by 2020.

The summit, held on the 14th of September and set in the centre of Dublin, will explore the future trajectory of public policy against the backdrop of new scientific insights, business developments and advancements in campaigning methods.

Speakers on the Day:

Dr. Catherine Jacobson (Chief Scientist at Tilray, Canada)
Dr. David Casarett (Physician and author, USA) Dr. Arno Hazekamp (Chief Scientist at Bedrocan, Netherlands)
Charlo Greene (Founder, The Charlo Greene Show & Alaska Cannabis Club, USA)
Steph Sherer (Executive Director, Americans for Safe Access, USA)
Tom Curran (European Coordinator, Exit Interna- tional, Ireland)
Ben Morgan (Comedian, blogger and cancer patient, Ireland)
Peter Carroll (Director, End Our Pain, UK)
Zack Hutson (Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Privateer Holdings, USA)
Valerie Corral (Executive Director, Wo/Men’s Alli- ance for Medical Marijuana, USA)
Tjalling Erkelens (Chief Executive Of cer, Bedro- can, Netherlands)
David Schacter (CEO and Co-Founder of Cannabi- scope)
Tim Colbourne (Director, Open Reason, UK)
Dr Ingo Michels (Head of Unit, Of ce of Federal Drug Commissioner, Ministry of Health, Germany)
Dr Kathy-Ann Brown (Director of the Board, Can- nabis Licensing Authority, Jamaica)

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