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Otherside: London’s Cannabinoid Dispensary

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, this week I traveled to London to meet with Geshe who runs Otherside Shop on Portobello Road. Otherside calls itself a Cannabinoid Dispensary – but what exactly does that mean in

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The Highland Flames 2019

Last weekend I took a train up to Scotland for The Highland Flames 2019. Hosted by West End Smoking Accessories, a Glasgow-based gallery and headshop, this event brought glass artists from across


420 LONDON 2019

On 4/20 (That’s 20/4 to us Brits) the world gathers to celebrate cannabis. The day is marked by numerous gatherings across the globe, from London to Berlin to Vancouver and hundreds of


Darwen Bonfire Blaze

Last weekend saw the return of Darwen bonfire blaze, a community event that welcomes individuals from all aspects of life to socialize with like-minded people. The event was held at an abandoned

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