Travel Tips: Canada’s cannabis possession laws

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When travelling to Canada, if you wish to use cannabis then you need to be aware of the cannabis laws covering the area you are visiting. These laws can vary depending on where you are going and can cause confusion if you are travelling through different provinces. With this guide, we hope to make Canada’s cannabis possession laws clearer for all visitors. 

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The marijuana laws you need to know

Canada’s cannabis laws provide minimum guidelines that each province must follow. However, every area has the right to make these laws stricter, so you need to check the specific rules for each area that you are visiting, to ensure that you are using marijuana legally. These rules can easily be looked up using Canada’s government website. 

Who can legally possess cannabis? 

Canadian law states that the minimum age to buy, carry or use cannabis is 18 years old. However, many areas have increased this age limit to 19, with Quebec having the highest minimum age at 21 years old. 

This means that it is illegal to buy or share cannabis products with anyone who is under the minimum age. To protect minors, it is also illegal to use cannabis around anyone who is not of the legal age. 

How much cannabis can a person carry? 

A person of legal age can legally carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in a different form. However, provinces can decrease this amount if they feel it is appropriate. Currently, no province has done this, but it is always best to check the up to date rules just before you travel. 

cannabis products can be legally purchased from a licenced seller and you can be sure that they are part of Canada’s legal weed market by checking the excise stamp that is included on every product. Each province also has a different coloured stamp, so you can recognize where it has been purchased. 

Restrictions on cannabis use

Every province will have their own set of rules on where it is legal to use cannabis products, so you need to be familiar with this information before using cannabis. Some areas will have banned the use of cannabis in any public spaces, while others will have specific restrictions around areas where kids might be present. If you are unsure of the local laws then you should stick using these products in private dwellings away from underage people. 

, Travel Tips: Canada’s cannabis possession laws, ISMOKE

As with any other recreational drugs, it is illegal to drive after using any cannabis products. Different provinces will have different roadside testing requirements, so to be safe you should never consider driving after using cannabis. 

Everything you need to know when traveling

There are strict additional cannabis possession laws for anyone traveling into or out of Canada. Breaking these laws is classed as criminal activity and you will be arrested, so to ensure you stay on the right side of the law make sure you are familiar with all traveling laws. 

Entering or leaving Canada 

When crossing the Canadian border it is illegal to possess cannabis, regardless of whether you are entering or leaving the country. These laws also apply if you are traveling between countries where cannabis use has been legalized. This means that you will need to purchase cannabis products from the province where you are visiting if you wish to use cannabis during your stay. 

The different laws for each province can seem confusing if you are travelling around Canada during your stay. However, the rules for each area are easy to look up and will ensure that you stay legal when using cannabis. 

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