Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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After numerous annual trips to Amsterdam, we have put together a list of our top 5 coffeeshops which can be found on the streets of Europe’s Cannabis capital. Whenever we are in Amsterdam we make sure to visit the shops below for our favourite strains!

Greenhouse, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

Greenhouse Seeds Co also has two coffeeshops in the City. The one we like to visit most is bigger than the original shop, and has a koi-fish tank under a glass floor.They serve good food, shakes and high quality cannabis, hash and extract. They also have vaporizers on-hand and plenty of space on 3 floors (although it’s usually quite busy in peak hours).They also show great videos from their expeditions around the world where they search for cannabis strains called ‘Strain Hunters’ which can be found on our stoner videos page.

Our Favourite Strains: Arjun’s Ultra Haze, Amnesia Hase, Lemon Haze, Lemon Ice (Extract)

Barneys, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

We Love the choice in Barney’s coffeeshop. Located next to a restaurant and seeds shop/cafe also owned by Barney’s, in our opinion Barneys is where you’ll find the best cannabis strains in Amsterdam. Our trips to Amsterdam aren’t complete without a visit or two to pick up some bud from Barney’s!They also have vaporizers on the tables, and although quite a small shop, you can pop next door or across the road to the seed bank or restaurant to smoke your cannabis.

Our Favourite Strains: Pineapple Chunk, Dr Grinspoon, Blue Cheese

Picasso, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

Picasso is a great spot and is not a well-known tourist coffeeshop. It is regularly enjoyed by locals, giving it a distinct and more chilled-out feel minus the groups of loud and sometimes inexperienced tourists.They have a couple of board games upstairs and we love getting lost in a game of chess while enjoying a good coffee and some cannabis,

Our Favourite Strains: White Widow, Northern Lights

420 Cafe, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

You’ll find 420 Cafe located in the centre of the city, making it a great stop-off spot to relax before or after shopping on the main high street. They have a cat that wanders about in a sort of stoned bliss, and the staff are very friendly.They also have board games, although due to the location and good quality cannabis they fill up quickly so may be too busy to find a seat during peak times.

Our Favourite strains: 420 Haze, 420 Kush

Dampkring, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

Last but not least is Dampkring, actually located between Picasso and Greenhouse. Dampkring has three levels of seating and some excellent cannabis strains to wet your tastebuds.They also play some trippy videos via small TVs located inside the walls, which makes for some interesting viewing while stoned!

Our Favourite strains: Mexican Haze

, Tourist Guide: Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, ISMOKE

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of our five top cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Which are your favourite? Tweet us @ISMOKEMAG

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