Tottenham Compassion Club Medical Cannabis Awareness Bike Ride

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Looking for a worthwhile charitable cause within the cannabis community? on 6th July Paul “Chinner” Roberts is doing a sponsored bike ride to raise money for a medical cannabis patient battling lung cancer, on behalf of the Tottenham Cycle Club, a new arm of the Tottenham Compassion Club.

Paul is cycling from the Patients at Parliament Protest in Westminster up the country to Borofest Glass and Craft Festival in Bedfordshire.

Set up to provide education and medical awareness to medical cannabis patients, Tottenham Compassion Club gives back to the community in so many ways. As well as attending cannabis awareness events across the country, TTCC helps sick people get the information they need which is unavailable to them on the NHS.

Now they are raising money to help a patient diagnosed with terminal lung cancer with a sponsored bike ride.

, Tottenham Compassion Club Medical Cannabis Awareness Bike Ride

TTCC said: As part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness for medical cannabis and support our patients, one of our founding members will be engaging in some Post-Parliament Protest Pedalling! Chinner will undertake a long distance sponsored bike ride starting at the Houses of Parliament on the day of the reading of the Elizabeth Brice Bill (6th July), finishing over 50 miles away at the event known as Borofest.

We know the importance of educating the public on the benefits of medical cannabis and hope that this bike ride will assist in raising awareness and dispelling the stigma around cannabis use. Our intrepid cyclist will be wearing clothing with educational messages about cannabis that will be visible to drivers and the public to highlight the importance of our cause.

All funds raised will go directly to supporting one of our patients who is currently battling terminal lung cancer. Please consider donating to help them during this difficult time. Even a small donation of only 10 or 20 pence per mile can make a difference.”

Click here to support #TTCC’s Medical Cannabis Bike Ride for Cancer

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