Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up

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On Saturday we headed down to Chingford Plains for an event to raise cannabis awareness organised by Tottenham Cannabis Club.

We’ve had a busy few weeks at ISMOKE with Product Earth, Green Pride and this event, making it three weekends on the trot we’ve been travelling around the Country – and we’ve loved every minute of it!

This event was promoted through the TTCC Awareness Facebook Page and was put on at the edge of Epping Forest.

Getting there was quite the adventure in itself – although the travel wasn’t bad we took a wrong turn and headed the wrong-way across some fields. Un-phased, we sat down for a quick smoke before resuming our search. We were saved by these chaps who were heading in the opposite direction to the event:

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up

When we arrived we saw a few groups sitting together and immediately joined the party. Also attending were the United Patients Alliance, Hampshire Cannabis Club, Essex Cannabis Collective, Keep Em Sweet Edibles and more.

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up

We met several great people and caught up with a few old faces. First up, the co-founders of Tottenham Cannabis Club Paul and Tony, who we had some great chats with throughout the day.

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up
Paul and Tony with Tyler Green

Paul and Tony, have a big focus on cannabis awareness, a goal which puts them firmly on the same page as us here at ISMOKE. The aim is to educate people about cannabis and its benefits.

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up
Clark French & Tyler Green

The vibe of the event was amazing – everybody was happy and friendly – plus as it was a smaller event it had a sense of togetherness which lasted all day, even as more and more groups began to turn up, wandering out of the trees from all sides at various points to join the event.

Paul spoke to the crowd at one point, delivering a poem/rap that he’d made about cannabis prohibition:

Michelle X, a MS-patient who is currently going through a court battle due to growing her own medicine also spoke, and we captured the talk on video, which you can watch over on ISMOKE Media (coming soon).

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up
Rolling a Spliff

There was also a fantastic giveaway towards the end of the day. Unlike other raffles we’ve seen at previous cannabis events, this was completely free, and the prizes consisted of an e-nail, vaporisers, starter packs, bits and bobs, t-shirts, grinders, seeds and more. We ended up winning the e-nail and a t-shirt! Hiydrow was there to announce the prizes:

, Tottenham Cannabis Club Awareness Day July 2016 Write-Up
TTCC Giveaway

Overall we had a great day and were really impressed with Tottenham Cannabis Club’s event. I’ve been saying since Product Earth that we need events like this monthly, and since then I’ve been treated to weekly cannabis events, which is even better than I’d hoped for.

We’ll be at as many as we can to share the details with our readers, so subscribe to ISMOKE to stay up to date with all our activities.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Sy Dignam for providing some of the photos for this feature. We’ll be attending the Hampshire Cannabis Club Event in Portsmouth on Sunday, so expect a write-up on that event next week.

Keep toking!

Tyler Green





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