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Toronto’s Cannabis Candyland

3 mins read

Toronto’s Cannabis Candyland is a new Vice Documentary we watched that we’d highly recommend, presented by Damian Abraham.

The area of Toronto in Canada is in the middle of a grey market, medical cannabis dispensary boom. Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, weed entrepreneurs have been illegally opening up shop all over the city. In this documentary the host goes and meets a few of these canna-preneurs, tests out their medibles (medical edible product which contains cannabis) and discusses the current grey situation which has led to all these canna-businesses being set up.

Even though there’s no guarantee that PM Trudeau’s plan for legal cannabis (due to be legalised in Canada in Spring 2017!) will include storefront businesses, new cannabis companies selling to dispensaries are opening up almost daily.

These shops sell a range of medical cannabis products, and many customers are looking for marijuana edibles. The documentary poses an interesting question – can it still be considered medicine if it is presented in a sugar-laden treat?

The documentary is presented in a thoughtful and interesting way, and at one point Abraham gets 5 medible products independently tested for THC and other cannabinoid content. The findings are quite shocking, with product containing on average 1/5 of the THC advertised. If you include THCA (which turns into THC during decarbing) this rises to on average 1/3 of what it says on the tin.

This raises another question – in Canada and the US, with the existing medical systems, they are currently dancing on a knife edge between people wanting tougher medical regulations and a wild-west market with no regulations at all. Because in Canada the companies selling to dispensaries are still illegal, their methods of production aren’t subject to regulation, meaning medical patients may not be getting what they want from products purchased.

Abraham also visits a cannabinoid specialist doctor in Canada who informs him that there are on average 70-90 people joining Canada’s medicinal cannabis programme in his clinic every day.

Overall Toronto’s Cannabis Candyland is a great watch. You can watch the full documentary below:

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