Top 5 Cheese Strains to Try in 2021

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With the year moving on and our strong desire for things to go back to normal still lingering, it’s safe to say that we could all do with a bit of cheering up. And what better way to brighten the mood than with our delicious top cheese strains of 2021?

For some, cheese may be considered on the mild to moderate side, but in our opinion, quality cheese will never fail to do the trick! So, to help you choose the best cheese strain to grow this year, we’ve included the names so you can find the marijuana seeds online. Let’s get into it! 

, Top 5 Cheese Strains to Try in 2021, ISMOKE

Blue Cheese (RQS)

A gloriously luscious hybrid, Blue Cheese by Royal Queen Seeds is a top performer, with THC levels as high as 19%! Just one toke sends waves of deep muscle relaxation down your spine, with happy thoughts about food to finish them off.  

This plant produces thick, pungently sweet buds reminiscent of a flower bouquet placed next to a big block of stinky cheese. The flavour is fruity and musky with undertones of earthiness – enough to coat your flavour palate and send you into a deep nostalgia for Grandma’s kitchen on a summer’s day.

Hear more about this strain in our strain reviews, Blue Cheese edition.

Exodus Cheese (GHS)

The legendary clone-only strain, Exodus Cheese, is back in seed form thanks to none other than Green House Seeds. The cup-winning hybrid strain will knock you off your feet with almost 19% THC and the dankest cheesy smell you can imagine.

Despite the strength of the smell, this strain is ideal for newcomers in the potent weed-smoking sector. The high dazzles users with a pleasant upliftment and a gentle come-down after 3-4 hours. Its full-on terpene profile may leave you scrunching up your face with its unique sour flavour, like sipping old cream straight from the bottle.

This old-time classic has an interesting background and a distinct reputation among all seasoned weed smokers. See this review to delve into it. 

Triple Cheese (Barney’s Farm)

Barney’s Farm has summoned an almost mythical cheese variety called Triple Cheese, bestowing cheesiness with the likeness of a thick triple-decker cheese toasty, accented with herbs and spices to light up the tongue. Did we say cheese enough?

With its incredible potency of up to 22% and its Indica dominance, this beast will tackle any pain within minutes and massage the entire body with a powerful body buzz. Expect a euphoric, carefree mood while you happily sink into the couch. 

Just like its predecessor, Triple Cheese is as dank as a skunk, with thick, pungent buds that reek of sweet and sour cream cheese. This strain is a no-fuss grow with good resistance to pests – perfect for beginner growers or those with a busy schedule. 

Original Auto Cheese (FastBuds)

Overshadowing its parent strains in leaps and bounds, Original Auto Cheese by FastBuds sports an improved flowering time, knocking off a whole week in comparison and shooting up the THC percentage from roughly 12% to up to 21%!

The queen of couch-lock, this strain induces a strongly sedative effect while you puff out a vigorous cloud of sweetly sour smoke, reminding users of sweet forest fruit with tangy undertones. Even authoritative weed smokers will find their bodies digging permanent grooves into the couch, ready for them to sink into again when they come back for more. 

Franco’s Lemon Cheese (GHS) 

With all the couch-locking cheese strains around, Franco’s Lemon Cheese by Green House Seeds is a refreshing Sativa-dominant twist with an energizing high – one that will leave you dancing on pub counters while your friends egg you on, cameras in hand.

The 21% THC content of this unique, citrusy cheese variety explains the hard-hitting potency and effective social lubrication you can expect. Like sitting with a picnic of cheese and crackers drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, Franco’s Lemon Cheese tantalizes the tastebuds while sending your endorphins into overdrive.

Never ceasing to surprise, this strain is also fantastic for appetite disorders and pain relief, offering medicinal benefits along with all the other positive hype. 

Savour the Cheese Flavor

With the noteworthy assemblage of cheese varieties to choose from, there’s plenty of room for cannabis collectors to sweep in and taste them all!

, Top 5 Cheese Strains to Try in 2021, ISMOKE

Cheese varieties are some of the tastiest, stinkiest, and most fun strains out there, all in one package. The only thing you have to remember when growing cheese plants is that they may attract attention like a mouse to cheddar, so always make sure to keep smells at bay with a carbon filter if necessary.

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