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Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2020

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As we continue our strain review series into 2021, I wanted to take a look back at our top 10 cannabis strains of 2020.

We may have been locked down and stuck at home, with no cannabis events on the horizon, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some of the best cannabis strains Britain has to offer, all documented in our 2020 strain review series.

So let’s count down our top 10 cannabis strains of 2020!

10. KuroKush

Blood Fire Lebanon X Black Venom OG

KuroKush was released by Neme Seeds in partnership with the Sludge Metal band Kurokuma. It’s wonderfully dark appearance coupled with its distinct aroma and taste made this one a notable smoke in 2020.

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9. Banana Punch

Banana OG X Purple Punch

Bred by Symbiotic Genetics and grown by Marijuana Mike, Banana Punch has great looking buds and a matching aroma, plus power to boot. A rather enjoyable cross of Banana OG and one of my favourite strains, Purple Punch.

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8. Disco Biscuit

Girl Scout Cookies X UGORG #1

What’s not to love about this strain by Underground Originals? UGORG have created a strain which combines the best of the Girl Scout Cookies with their own genetic line. Farmer G grew this out wonderfully. Great stuff.

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7. Enzo

Zpumoni X The Menthol

This strain, bred by Compound Genetics, carries a superb flavour and is both different and distinguishable enough from everything else on this list to make it notable. KG Refinery also extracted this into some lovely BHO which enhanced our review with an extra consumption method.

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6. Biker Mouse (Old Dirty Biker)

Exodus Cheese X Biker Kush

This phenotype of Old Dirty Biker by Karma Genetics was found and renamed Biker Mouse by Black Sheep Botanicals. Biker Mouse is an all-round fantastic smoke and captures cheese and gas notes which blend together nicely.

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5. GMO

Girl Scout Cookies X Chemdog

This strain has become incredibly popular in the UK of late. Perhaps due to its intense aroma or hard-hitting effects, whatever the reason, GMO was cemented as top strain by many a smoker in 2020. The three potential breeders of GMO are Skunkmasterflex, Mamika Seeds or Divine Seeds, and the sample I smoked was grown and extracted by Sky Sports Extracts.

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4. OZK

ZkittleZ X OG Kush

Just hearing the two parent strains should make you realise how much potential this plant has. OZK delivers ZkittleZ and Gas. I couldn’t ask for much more! Bred by Dying Breed Seeds and excellently grown in living soil by Chemdank.

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3. Peach Ozz

OZ Kush X Peach Ringzz

Another Dying Breeds Seeds strain, Peach Ozz captures a peachy flavour alongside the familiar OG gas and power. This strain had a unique fruit flavour and strong effects and extracted nicely into Devcal’s BHO. It was no wonder Peach Ozz made the list of top strains this year.

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2. ZCube

(ZKittleZ X Eddies Leap OG) X ZkittleZ

A ZkittleZ backcross – kind of similar to Rainbow Beltz but made with different genetics. ZCube is a very terpy, very fruity, intense and aromatic strain, bred by Dying Breed Seeds. Grown by Chemdank in living soil.

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And the winner is…

1. Strawpicanna

Tropicana Cookies X Strawnanna

Bred by Oni Seed Co, this sample was grown by Indian Buddha and it had to make this list as I can remember my experience with it exactly. I was blown away by the strawberry side of the flavour. On top of that, the strain tested at 31% THC, and overall was an excellent sample grown by Indian Buddha.

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So there you have it folks, those are our top 10 cannabis strains of 2020. How do they compare to your own experiences? Tweet us @ismokemedia