Tomorrow is April 20th : How Are You Celebrating 420 2016?

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Tomorrow is the day of the year that stoners get together to celebrate Cannabis – so wherever you are, be sure to look online for events happening in your area.

In London, the 420 Rally comes to Hyde Park Speakers Corner from 12pm and there will be people celebrating all afternoon.

, Tomorrow is April 20th : How Are You Celebrating 420 2016?

If you live in or around London and would like to attend the 420 Rally in Hyde Park, here is the info from the UKCSC Website about the event:

We hope to see you all in Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, 12:00-5:30 to help protest the injustice that is prohibition. There are also organised events in Glasgow, Bristol, Swansea, and many Cannabis Social Clubs are holding their own local events. If you can’t join us, please join them.

But wherever you celebrate this year, all the National Cannabis Organisations want you to be safe.

As with all events that involve participation in a public setting, it is important to recognise and respect some simple guidelines for everyone’s fun and safety.

We regularly liaise with the police regarding outdoor events, this is so we can effectively arrange things like medical cover, litter pickers, help avoid arrest for participants. it also helps to ensure to the police, that everyone’s, including the public’s safety, is ensured. Many officers support our actions, and privately wish us all success, despite the position their occupation puts them in.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that the 5000+ person safe-conduct zone in Hyde Park, established at 420 in previous years, will be in effect again this year.

3 Tips for your London trip from the UKCSC.

1 – Smell proof/air-tight containers, you don’t want people sniffing your sandwiches on the train.

2 – Only bring what you need, it would be a shame to lose anything.

3 – Come with a positive attitude and peaceful intent.

More info here on their website

Click here for the event page on Facebook.

We will be attending the rally in Hyde Park so look out for our new flyers at the event:

, Tomorrow is April 20th : How Are You Celebrating 420 2016?, Tomorrow is April 20th : How Are You Celebrating 420 2016?Have a great 420 this year and keep toking!

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